R.O.L.E Keeps on Rollin’

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R.O.L.E Foundation recently endured the incredibly sad news about their founder, Mike O’Leary passing away late last year. Mike set up a good team to continue the fight to improve the lot of many on the island. The now Director of Bali WISE, Fena Evans announced last week that will be working closely with conservation and environmental experts to assure all the activities and hard work will continue without interruption. Bali WISE and all the R.O.L.E Foundation staff will remain committed to carry out Mike’s vision, in making a sustainable world and island for our children, family, animals and mother earth. If you would like to help the cause or reach out some way please visit rolefoundation.com or baliwise.org. We wish all the family and friends our deepest condolences for the loss of this man of the people and good friend of The Beat over the years, Mike O’Leary.

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