Make A Change World Officially Installs TrashBlock

Gary Bencheghib and the Make A Change World team officially launched their new TrashBlock system in the Subak Pernacak in mid-January. After a month in the water, the system has been fully tested and is confirmed that the stainless-steel blockage is hard as a rock and prevents all plastics floating downstream — roughly catching around 26Kgs per day, with the majority of the waste being plastic bags and sachets that are not recyclable. Each day, the waste that is caught is collected and taken to a mobile sorting station where it’s washed and weighed before being sent off to recycle. Make A Change have also partnered with German company Plastic Fischer to create innovative floating trash booms for rivers. The Indonesian government has committed to the UN and the world that Indonesia has to reduce at least 70% of the marine litter to the sea by 2025… and Gary has made it his mission to achieve this target.


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