Djebali to headline at S.A.S.H

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S.A.S.H has managed to change the course of Sundays for house music lovers on the island, this month enlisting French house master, Djebali! Sunday, September 8 will feature another Bali Open Air event on the beachfront venue of Vue Beach Club with one of the most established new talents out of Paris. Djebali has proven himself as a stand out artist, taking house to new heights. His sounds are subtle yet infectiously groovy and rhythmic, not to mention the perfect pairing for the open-air vibe that S.A.S.H do so well. Joining him is bossman Kerry Wallace, alongside the prince of SASH Jake Hough, Carlo Davids and island local James Taylor on support. The party kicks off from midday till 10pm-ish, don’t miss this beachside party with the best Function-One sound system!

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