denisa Releases Her Debut Album, ”bloodbuzz”

Last Friday, denisa, who I’m told is one of Indonesia’s most promising singer/songwriters, released her debut studio album, bloodbuzz. The album was sent to me by Aldo from demajors, Indonesia’s leading independent music company. Needless to say Aldo was impressed enough to send the album to me, and man, he’s not wrong, it’s a cracker from start to finish.

The 9-track album shows a maturity and power from this young lady and while leaning towards a more commercial slant than her previous tracks, she still has indie rock elements of those entwined in this all English language release.

When I first saw the name bloodbuzz I thought of The National. One of my fave bands of the 2000s and beyond, and thought she must have been listening to the band or at least their famed single Bloodbuzz Ohio. Most people I know who listen to The National are kinda old and full of their own stories about life and love, not youngsters trying to make it in the music business in Jakarta. The notes say this album is about a breakup. Well, why wouldn’t it be? Most good albums are. Most people begin to learn about life after their first breakup and this album shows denisa’s breakup was a fundamental earth mover in her life.

“bloodbuzz” is about the journey of one’s love life. Through the bad and the good, and how we perceived the coming and going of another,” renisa explains in the notes.

Then it hits, ‘Honey’.

There are some great tracks on this album. While a few are catchy, poppy  numbers, including the first single, “You Are Not My Savior” there is also a lot more to this. The folkie sounds, or influences of a number of recent artists can be found on this collection but for me it kicks off half way through with ‘Honey’ then the next ‘Runaway’.

“The main music was done with Rayhan Noor, an old friend. Somehow, after going through a workshop for approximately two months, the music that came out felt so honest in a pop way. We listened to a whole lot of Bleachers, Phoebe Bridgers, Taylor Swift, and also got lyrical inspiration from Bombay Bicycle Club”, denisa added. She didn’t mention The National.

BTW, I found the definition of bloodbuzz on urban dictionary: The warm feeling you get when you are surrounded by a gathering of extended family members. Usually involves drinking distilled and/or fermented beverages.

Give this album a listen, I love it. ST.




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