Brazilian Aussie Butcher Shop and Grill Now Open

Brazilian Aussie BBQ in Seminyak has become an institution for meat eaters, both living in and coming to Bali on holidays, since opening over three years ago. Their churrasco style skewers have been well received. The slices of meat that come around the tables on the skewers only ends when guests put up the red flag, which means no more. It’s a fun concept, but you have to be careful not to eat too much.

Now they have a new option, making it easier for all quality meat lovers to get their share of a fine cut of tender steak. The rib-eye, tenderloin, Scotch fillet steaks and all the rest of the pork, lamb and more beef cuts can be selected and grilled on the grill right in front of the butcher shop. Yes, that’s right, there is now a fully-fledged Aussie butcher shop on the premises. Brazilian Aussie BBQ has always imported their own quality meats but now have gone a step further by opening the butcher shop and processing the meat right there. They also have sausages, bacon and other butcher items available.

The shop is open seven days a week from 10am to 10pm for retail, but cooking times are only in the evening from 4 to 8pm. There is a charge of Rp 100k for the cooking and sides, which includes all the goodies from the salad bar inside.

However, there is a special opening promotion to wet your palate and we asked Stephen, manager at Brazil Aussie what that promo was all about. “Well, for a maximum of two people with a minimum spend of Rp 300k you will receive free cooking, two sides and two glasses of Two Islands wine free,” says the gracious UK manager. That sounds like the perfect way to give the grill a go.

We did give it a try last week and the choice of meats coming from the brand new facility, which features ‘state of the art’ freezer and chiller rooms out the back and the butcher displays at the front. It also comes complete with an ‘also imported’ in-house Aussie butcher. Now, you can’t go wrong there! The well-marbled cuts we chose from the display were grilled before us and came out tender and tasty. We didn’t even bother with the sides, just feed the man meat. Sometimes that’s all you need with a pinch of sea salt on top, but definitely washed down with a good Aussie red wine. (There are a many well-priced imported wines on the list).

Next time you are looking for a good meat fix, there is now even more reason to give Brazilian Aussie BBQ the nod.


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