Truedy Sabatini – finding herself with every track

Truedy Sabatini has been turning heads wherever she plays with her distinctive vocals and work on the piano. She will be playing at The Beat Party on Friday June 8 so we thought it was time to find out more about this talented young lady.
Tell us a bit about yourself. Age, from where and how you got into music?
I’m 27 and a self-taught musician. I have been in love with singing since I was a child. Although I come from a musical family, (my dad is a jazz guitar player and mom is a rock singer), I didn’t get the support that I needed to play music from my father. So at the age of 18, I escaped from my dad’s house in Malang and came to Bali, to see my mom, and then for the first time I learned to play piano.

Where and when was your first professional performance and how did that go?
Within a year, I had an audition and then started to perform at several venues in Bali. It was at Intercontinental Jimbaran. I got a contract to play at their cocktail hour and that continued for four years, that’s when my piano playing began improving. At the same time I started my professional career by creating YouTube content, as well as collaborating with DJ’s and local musicians.
We know you are a big fan of Tori Amos, (Truedy did a tribute show at The Beat recently), what other music or performers had a great influence on you.
I found that Tori Amos is so brave in expressing her uniqueness in compositions and lyrics. And the way she delivers the song, you know, she really is a storyteller. She can rock the piano. When I first listened to her, I disliked her, I thought, why would someone sing like that? Play piano like that? Sit on the piano like that? And when I really started to listen to those piano riffs, the lyrics, then she started to rock the harpsichord. I tried to do that. And it occurred to me right then, that’s how you really can rock the piano. You don’t just sit there and face the keyboards, but you also want to say something, you want to be heard. I have such a random collections of influencers though. I actually wanted to play piano and sing for the first time because I saw Diana Krall. She is amazing.
You just released a single, right? Tell us about that and have you recorded before?
Yes. I had a collaboration record with a DJ before, but it wasn’t really my thing. I was helping a friend who writes this music for a girl and he asked me to sing on it. I did write some music but I kept it for myself, and didn’t have the courage to share it. All I ever did is just play gigs, learn how to play this song and that song until I was getting bored.
At the beginning of 2018 I felt like doing something more. The past 2 years have been the happiest in my life. For so long I forgot how it feels to be genuinely happy and comfortable with myself. I have shut down and locked away that part of me that needs to be free, to be heard, or to rage, and basically just express herself. This first single that I wrote is about me owning my own desire. It is about the ONE THING which we usely choose not to care about, but if only you care, that is to love yourself. It’s like a journey of finding myself. So I called the song One Thing. And now I am working on more songs, and since I’m producing them myself, it will require more time to make it happen.

Readers can check the video of the single online. How has the reaction been so far from the track?
Many viewers like it and have shared it on social media. Some are my friends, some are strangers, and I got a lot of support to write and release some more.
So what is in the pipeline for Truedy Sabatini? What’s next?
I think I will start to look at becoming a creator and write my own stuff more, I see myself becoming my own musician and I am now working on my first album. I’m also working on my solo project, I want to present something unique and more intimate with my piano and voice. Elegant piano playing with a little jazz feeling and rock style to spice it up.
You have done some collaborations or performances with Jerinx from Superman is Dead, how did that come about and are you really a closet rock and roll queen?
Yes that I did. I met Jerinx on several occasions at various events. He is quite supportive of local talent, and asked me to sing with him on several occasions, I was delighted. When I was I young I sang with my brother’s band in front of 10.000 people for an Arema anniversary (Malang Football team) and it was amazing. Although I wouldn’t say I am a rock queen I can’t say I don’t love the energy.
Where do you find the inspiration for the songs?
From many artists that I like, Tori Amos, Bjork, Alanis Morisette, and many more of those 90’s artist. When you listen to something a lot, you tend to create the similar pattern and color.
You can catch Truedy playing with her band if you are early arriving at The Beat Awards Party next Friday, June 8 from 10pm at EnVie Lounge. We wish you all the best with that show and the future. Any last shout out to your fans?
Thank you! Come and we will have a good time!


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