Ready to hit the Track 9 turntables.. DJ Soso

French born and now Dubai based, turntablist DJ Soso will be spinning his magic for the Super Sunday crowd at Track 9 on Sunday, October 2. TB got in touch with the man before he got here.
What moniker do you go by ?
My Name is Sofiane aka Dj Soso The Machine !
Where did you grew up ?
I was born and raised in Paris (France), I left four years ago to start a new life in Dubai.
How would you define yourself as a Dj ?
I’m a Hip hop fanatic and most importantly, a turntablist. I learnt how to dj with vinyl records and I will always love using real records rather than cds.
Have you ever performed in this part of Asia before and in particular Bali ?
I did a lot of shows all around Asia in different cities such as Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Osaka, and also I played in Bali in November 2014.
Whats your thoughts on the nightlife scene in Indonesia ?
I love it ! People there are really about dancing and enjoying music. It’s not necessarily the case everywhere. The DJs in Indonesia are talented and live their passion for the music the same way like I do.
Who is your biggest inspiration as a Dj ?
I will have to say Dj Jazzy Jeff. He’s a music encyclopedia and has crazy skills when it comes to performing in front of an audience. His consistency and longevity is an example to follow for any DJ who has love for the music and wants to tour around the world to share it.
Which Djs do you like in Indonesia ?
Yoga Yin is my favourite DJ in Bali and i also have to give props to DJ Stan, who is doing big things in Indonesia.
What do you think about coming back in Bali ?
I’m so excitied !! I’ll be there very soon djing at Track 9 on the 2nd of October for the Super Sunday event.
Where can people reach you on social media ?
DjSoso TheMachine on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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