PNNY Dreadful

Gilang talks to us about PNNY, a local DJ collective that seems to be taking the island by storm.
Tell us about yourself, start with your conception and end with what you ate for lunch yesterday.
I was born and bred here in Bali. My love for music definitely came from my dad, he turned me onto to jazz at an early age. I guess that then evolved into a big love for hip hop as a teen, with Tupac, Biggie, Pharcyde being among some of my greatest musical influences. These days I jump around between hip hop, disco, house jazz, funk and soul. Kusasi is my DJ name, I got it off a friend that came to me and asked if I knew a good tattoo artist, he wanted to get an orangutan sitting in an arm chair like a straight up G and his name was KUSASI. I thought it had a really nice ring to it so I kinda stole it. Kusasi is little project I do on the side, I think its important to keep yourself busy on the island, it makes you appreciate it more and keeps you sane. I also run, Coconutt Connection; a event photography, design and creative company.
PNNY is like the new born baby, its good fun cause I get to do it with all the people I grew up with.
Its funny because everything that I do literally started off from drinking at some bar talking to people and it kinda just lead into something serious and turned out to be a little project, thats one of the things I love most about this island.
Tell us about PNNY, how did it get started?
PNNY all got started at Dubwill’s little studio from hours of us chilling, listening to music, practicing our DJing and talking shit.
We always talked about how we felt like we just weren’t hearing what we wanted on the island and didn’t have the freedom to play the music that we wanted to play. We’ve been on the island most of our lives and were just sick of the music scene here.
We wanted to do something to change it so we decided to start our own little collective with all the DJs and party animals that have the same taste in music as us. PNNY is made up of seven DJs: me as Kusasi, Dubwill, Trigan Young, Alex Verdacchi, Andy Chunes, Jody Taylor and Seabass. We’ve also got our manager Arfi and Noy who sort of does everything for us, we love her.
The island has created our fresh and unique sense of what it means to party and we’ve combined that with our experiences abroad to shape the sounds you now hear coming from us.
Almost as important, how do you pronounce PNNY?
You can say it however you like, some people call it P.N.N.Y, some say penny, its no biggie but we do get asked that question a lot cause it does sound like something funny, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.
If PNNY was a kitchen recipe, how would you describe its ingredients?
PNNY would definetly be a big, fat, flavourful nasi campur. Our DJs span such a wide range of genres, represent so many different sounds and colours of partying, and all come together in the most delicious way possible. But definitely with red rice – ‘cause we’re good for you.
What’s your favorite house party (like a party in a home) tracks right now?
I’ve had “Wild Kingdom” by Johnny D & Nicky on repeat lately.
Describe your ultimate party if you had a trillion dollar budget.
It doesn’t take much to make a good party. For me all you need are good people, good music, good vibes, a little bit of colour and you’ve got a good party.
Cats or dogs?
Definitely dogs.
What do you think is the worst thing about being in the Bali nightlife industry?
All those late nights can be pretty damn exhausting.
The best?
Probably being able to meet a whole bunch of different people that share common interests and are out to have a good time.
You’re in a coma, there’s one track on repeat to try to get you to wake up. Which track is it?
That’s a hard one but it would probably be this Sundanese song my mom used to sing to me to put me to sleep its called “Es Lilin”. I’m not sure who it is by though.
Promote yourself and PNNY right here.
When it comes to the Bali night life scene, PNNY has got you covered. Check us out on the first and third Saturday of each month at our event Jungle Boogie at Jenja Foyer. Follow us on Facebook to find out about other upcoming events.


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