Meet and Greet – Mark Doyle

Interview with the man from Hed Kandi and Fierce Angel, who will be headlining the Karma Beach Fierce Angel White Party on 24th, September 2016.
Mark Doyle is an English house music guru that has been in the scene for decades. Mark started the record label Hed Kandi, which became one of the biggest labels in the world. He moved on to his label Fierce Angel which is his take on sexy house music. Every year you can find Doyle in clubs and parties around the world, from Europe to Canada, Asia to the America’s, he is always rigorously promoting his funky soulful sound and love for good music! We caught up with Mark before his gig at the Fierce Angel White Party at Karma Beach. Check out what he had to say..
Looking back on a huge career full of amazing moments. Would you be able to single out one of these remarkable moments?
It’s so difficult to name one particular moment during this amazing roller coaster ride. Opening the first Hed Kandi nights in London and Ibiza, DJing in Las Vegas for Cirque Du Soleil, the success of Hed Kandi in general in the first 5 years, our last 10 years with Fierce Angel, but if I was to pick one it would be a New Year’s Eve in Manila when I proposed to my wife in-front of 1000 very confused locals who were wondering why the music had stopped!
That sounds awesome. How would you describe your music?
Exceptionally Fierce House…! Anyone that has bought a Hed Kandi or Fierce Angel compilations knows that it’s the heart of dance music uplifting vocal house that makes you dance. It’s all about those records that stay with you long after the night is over.

What are some projects that you are working on at the moment?

We have just released an artist album by Mirifico called “The Last Unicorn” which is a brilliant nu-disco album featuring songs by Katherine Ellis, Sam Obernik, Soraya Vivian and Bonnie Bailey. There is a very special Bonnie Bailey album coming up as well and a new compilation “The Collection V.” We also have a few singles on the way and it’s almost time to celebrate our 10th anniversary!
Can you name us a track that you know you will play at the white party?
I’ve just finished a remix of our next single “Nothing But Tomorrow” by Mirifico so that will definitely getting a spin!

Do you have a favorite yearly party?
Obviously our regular beach parties at Karma are in the top 5 but also our event in Singapore as part of the Podium Lounge parties during the F1 are truly spectacular. That is our chance to present a full Fierce Angel stage show in a truly stunning venue.
What do you think about the nightlife scene in Bali?
I love the nightlife scene in Bali, there truly is something for everyone and I’ve been lucky enough to DJ in many different places from the huge Sky Garden to a tiny beach party on the Gili Islands. It’s great to see a variety of venues opening that cater for all different crowd. I love Karma parties as the setting is truly stunning.
What do you like to do on a day that doesn’t involve work?
(Is there a day that doesn’t involve work ?) – When I have any free time it’s spent relaxing with my wife and our dog. We’re lucky enough to live out in the country so its usually long walks, gardening and watching cool TV shows … we incredibly do not rock n roll when we are not touring the world playing music.
Seeing the electronic dance music scene progress through all its stages, what are your thoughts on it today?
I tend to focus on vocal house music and regardless of what new style is being favoured we always seem to return to some version of this eventually. At the moment I’m hearing a lot of disco influences coming through and that is making me extremely happy!
Would you like to mention any up and coming producers/DJs that you have been working with? What should we look out for?
As I mentioned briefly before we are working with some amazing artists and producers including Mirifico, Skinny Dip, Bonnie Bailey and Soraya Vivian. We’ve got some amazing release
Just keep an eye of www.thefutureisfierce for everything that is happening with new releases and parties and all things Fierce.
What’s your favorite drink during a gig?
That would have to be a long island iced tea … best cocktail ever !
See you at the Karma Beach Fierce Angel White Party on 24th, September 2016!


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