M Schober at Woo this Saturday. TB has a chat….

Mathias Schober, aka SHOW-B, aka the owner of Lossless is a house and techno enthusiast that has opened all the right doors to land himself in the centre of the dance music scene. His releases throughout the last years are proof of how quickly he has fused his style to fit the modern clubbing world, with classic elements, crisp kick drums and motor city references with a warm, contemporary twist, his musical menu is one for musical aficionados and DJs alike. His sets are as exciting as his individual tracks too and his ever growing fan base are always eager to attend his gigs all over the world. He’s coming to Indo and we’re ready to greet him at Woobar on April 30.
Hey Mathias, what do you think of coming to Bali to spin?
I’m really looking forward to my Bali debut. Can’t wait to check out the island and to play some music for you.
What got you into house music? Did you have any early inspirations as a kid or teenager?
I don’t have a particular person or role model that got me into house. I liked djing and buying records. When I was 13 I started buying records and I ended up buying house. Simply put it was house and techno that caught my attention.
Favourite venue to party and/or DJ at?
Hard one… I have quite a few good memories. I really like Mystik in Seoul.
What do you like to do when you’re not DJing or producing?
Cycling – I’m crazy for my bike, cooking and going through my record collection.
What is the European dance music scene like nowadays? Anything changing?
The scene is huge although if you break it down it’s all about a few promoters really.
How do you find inspiration when coming up with new material for your tracks?
Hm, sometimes it’s a beat that I have in mind, sometimes a field recording or a melody. There’s one rule, no rules.
Are there any up and coming producers/DJs that you think are going to make it big this year?
We’re releasing a TRIKK record on Lossless next month. This guy has got some great stuff cooking. With the string of releases he’d be one to watch for sure.
What’s a track that you will certainly play at your gig at Woobar?
Trikk’s Internacional EP on Lossless.
How do you go about choosing music for different venues and gigs?
Well, I do have a sound in mind for a country or a certain venue most of the time, but in the end it’s more important you go with the flow and stay true to yourself. The night will guide you.
Any last words for our readers?
See you soon, let’s have a special night together.


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