Guy J has proved himself to be one of the most sophisticated and emotive producers/DJs of our time. Whether it be his sensual, hypnotic take on house music, his deeply textured techno or his wondrous ambient material, his style on the decks or in the studio is one that cannot be mimicked. He is also one of the few artists that have made the true sound of progressive house cool and sexy again. With a direct link to John Digweed and his Lost & Found imprint, a part of the Bedrock family, we could be forgiven for thinking he has reached the pinnacle of his career but that is not the case. Guy J is ready to show Bali and Jakarta exactly what his music is all about. He is scheduled to play at Jenja on March 5 and at Foundry 8 on March 4.
Where in the world are you and what can you see outside your closest window?
I’m home in Malta. I can see a mandarine tree and a clear blue sky.
Can you tell us a bit about your musical background and how it all began for you as a DJ/producer?
For me it started by being exposed to trance music. Trance is so emotional and at that time was so original, every track would blow your mind. Then progressive came along, which was a slower and gentler form of trance that I also fell in love with and wanted to try and create for myself.
As you said in a previous interview, Ableton helps to make your sets one of a kind. How does it help you be different from other DJs/producers? Do you use it for every set?
I just changed recently to Traktor. I learned a lot from playing sets with Ableton, it’s a great software but Traktor is the one i use, it sounds better and gives you more the feeling of a DJ and more flexible.
What are some of your favourite parties/venues in the world?
I love going to Argentina and Holland. These two places have a very educated crowd and people who love the music. It’s always challenging to come up with something new there.
What styles of electronic music would you say influence your productions?
I would say really almost all genres of house music, from dance to techno to psytrance to deep house, even commercial. When I was growing up the commercial dance music was quality, it was original.
Favourite producer at the moment?
There are many; Khen, Dave DK, Ripperton just to name a few..
Your record label Lost & Found is on fire with its releases. What is the concept behind the label and are there any difficulties?
The concept is just to release good house music. There is no genre to the label the way I see it, you can find producers from different worlds of house music on the label and for now, its building up nicely. Difficulties are finding original music but it’s going well for now so I can’t complain.
Can you name one tune that you will definitely be playing at Jenja and Foundry?
Guy J – “Octavia”
We saw you at Jenja last year, and it was a great night. What do you think of playing in Bali and Jakarta?
I love coming to both. I was in Jakarta only one time and was surprised at how good it was. Bali is amazing and I love the vibe there, I love the people, it’s one of the places I feel lucky to come back to.
What’s the most enjoyable moment for you as a DJ/producer?
Playing a track that i just finished producing. I play a lot of original music and it gives the greatest satisfaction when the track is ready and I play it out.
Anything new on the way that we should watch out for?
Lost & Found releases, Have beautiful music coming out this year from Kevin Di Serna, Khen, Guy Mantzur, Navar, Sahar Z and more…


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