The Great Trash and Surf Challenge

The Beat spoke with David Eagles from Keep Bali Clean about the surf contest being held on Berawa Beach in front of Finns Beach Club this Sunday April 9, where 16 of the best Bali surfers will be competing for the good of the island and its present trash problem.
What’s the surf contest about?
Basically it’s about the current trash problem in Bali. Hopefully the contest will bring more awareness, and raise money for our Keep Bali Clean TV Campaign.
How did the contest come about?
We had the idea a while ago when we were trying to come up with ways to get more awareness of the problem and Finns Beach Club was the ideal place to do it. Loko Surf, which is a 100% Indonesian owned surf company came on board and helped with the expenses. It was a nice touch having them join.

Made Raditya Rondi posing in a Keep Bali Clean commercial for TV.
How about on the day. What’s happening?
To begin with there is a winner-take-all prize money of Rp 8 million for the top surfer. We searched out surfers from all parts of Bali for the invite event and they were all really stoked to get involved. Some real hotties like Raditya Rondi, Bol and Betet will be out there surfing. The contest kicks off at 3pm or so right in front of Finns. We’ll take 50k from people viewing from the beach club and a donation box will be offered around the beach area.  It should be a great spectacle and chance for the community to get behind this very local environmental movement.


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