It’s a Family Affair at Hard Rock Hotel Bali

It’s not easy changing image—especially when the second half of your name has a musical genre “Rock” attached to it. However, Hard Rock Hotel Bali has been cultivating a more family-friendly image for about eight years now, and currently they offer several facilities custom-made for parents and their broods. The Beat talked with Narendra Wiriadijaya, Marketing Communication Manager at Hard Rock Hotel Bali, to find out more.
Why does Hard Rock Hotel Bali wants to be known as a Family Hotel as well?
Well the reason is simple, really. We just want to provide a complete facility for guests of all ages, and because we feel that both parents and children deserve to enjoy their vacation in accordance with their own interests. And we’ve been having more family as guests than couples or single travelers.
And since when did you start changing it?
Actually, we’ve already provided a facility for families since we first opened in May 1998, which is the Lil’ Rock Kids Club (we later rebranded that to Roxity Kids Club) and Family Room. We had a major refurbishment in 2009, we added the Kids Suite and Luxury Kids Suite, as well as the Kids Pool and Kids Waterslide. Not long after we built the Tabu Teen Center stocked with Gaming Room, Mini Cinema, and Mini Discotheque. The last addition was the Family Ultimate Foam Party.
What’ve you done to introduce this new image to the public?
We already started introducing the family facilities through print and electronic media, and we also invited several family bloggers and celebrities like Giring Nidji to try them out.
And what do you think are the added benefits for guests with families?
For one thing now the parents can drop off their kids from the morning at our Kids Club or Tabu Teen Center (we have many interesting programs everyday) supervised by our experienced staff, and we will also provide a babysitter for parents with toddlers.
Does this happen in Hard Rock Hotels in other countries?
It depends on the demographic; the hotels in places like Ibiza or Las Vegas naturally still stick with the entertainment hotel concept, but the family-friendly image has already been applied in Pattaya, Penang, and San Diego.
What has been the major challenge so far?
As a brand that has been popular for its entertainment, there are still many people unaware that the Hard Rock Hotel Bali has introduced this family concept for eight years now.


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