Coming Soon!!!

Coming Soon!!! are a psy-trance duo who are scheduled to play at ‘United in Trance’ at Vue Beach Club on the 18th of November. Their energy on stage and on the mixer has enticed hundreds of thousands of people around the world to follow their story and party at their respected dance floors. Dui and Irad from Tel Aviv, Israel started off solo and after years of playing alone, they met and joined forces, creating a movement that couldn’t have been foretold and have been smashing festivals and clubs around the world since 2012. Releases like their “Fear” Ep, their remix album and most recent “Create The Machine” Ep with Waio have been shaking up every party they attend, at 138 beats per minute! We caught up with duo before their gig at Vue for a chat about the past, their style and what’s coming soon!!!
What kind of equipment do you guys enjoy performing with?
These days we go with the best reliable equipment which is a Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus set up.
How does your time in the studio work? Do you always sit down together and work on the same tracks?
We work all the time. The studio is our life. As for now that we are in two different countries, we have two studios (one each) and we just go with the flow. Sending back and forth files and samples and all day on Whatsapp video call or Skype.
How about your “Create The Machine” EP in collaboration with Waio? What was your motivation for this one and how did the production process go?
Fernando (Waio) is a very good friend from the old days and we just have a great vibe together and a totally different style from each other. So we sat and talked about it and in the end there was no other way, we just had to do it.
How often do you guys split up and play different gigs at the same time? Are you both going to be here at Vue Beach Club?
This time will be just be Dui… most of the weekends we split to be able to play in two locations at the same time. But there are some shows that we don’t give up and we both play.
What’s one of your favorite parties you like to visit every year? Do you have a funny story for us?
There are many events that are held every year that we always play every time. But I’ll save the answer for after Bali because we have a feeling the best answer will come from there 🙂
You’ve been to Bali before, what do you think of the trance scene here?
We think its a place that must have these events more often, bringing more international acts and helping the scene to grow more as it is one of the most beautiful places on our planet and psy trance events are mainly known to be held in very magical places.
Check Coming Soon!!! playing live at United in Trance at Vue Beach Club, Canggu on Saturday November 18.


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