Bounce back with Michaelis

Bounce is back at Cocoon Sunday afternoons/evenings starting with the first of the season on May 1. It’s brought to you by the amazing and raunchy 69Slam but we took the chance to have a few words with the man who’s pulling it together and supplying the tunes, Mr DJ Michaelis!
Hi Michaelis. Tell us something about yourself? Where are you from?
I’m a Mexican-Filipino-Chinese-Eastern European Taurus mutt born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I enjoy helping others, long walks on the beach, lowrider vehicles and the bubble butt.
How did you get involved in DJing/producing?
I first got involved in DJing through an exorbitant amount of self-abuse in the mid 90s. My passion for music thankfully surpassed my desire to spend the rest of my life in prison and here I am today, alive, healthy and living my dream. I was first introduced to production in 2009 collaborating with Henry Strange and Bias24. I branched out on my own in 2012 producing my first single “Fire”, a deep house track featuring Esther Canata’s lovely vocals.
How long have you been in Bali?
I have been in Bali for just under a year and a half. I travel frequently to the U.S. DJing for Nascar races and events but Bali is my home. I love it here more than any place I have ever been. The people are really special and the kindness in the culture really resonates with me and the path I’ve chosen for my life today.
What kind of music do you like to spin most and why?
This is my favorite question! Truthfully, DJing has evolved past personal choice for me. I love making people happy. I believe that as a DJ, it’s about making people dance, have fun, sing along, get naked, whatever. As long as that is happening, I don’t care what genre of music is inspiring it. Being an open format DJ has really challenged me and kept the craft interesting.
Tell us about Bounce. It started last year on Sunday afternoons right? And what kind of vibe does it have?
Bounce, brought to you by 69 Slam, is the newest edition to Cocoon’s epic reign on the Bali pool party scene. It began last year, one Sunday per month typically at the opposite end of the month as Splash. Bounce is the hip-hop-drop-it-to-the-floor response to Splash’s house music madness. The vibe is all about that anything-goes-type-o-fun! Games, go-go dancers, twerk contests, 69 Slam model hosts and the perfectly crafted cocktail is just a taste of what you’ll experience at Bounce.
Bounce is cranking up again now at Cocoon for 2016. What’s the difference between Bounce and Sunday’s Splash?
The main difference between the Bounce party and Splash is the music and the vibe that comes along with that. Bounce is about hip hop, twerk, trap, moombahton, open format, turntabilism and MCs. It’s the party to get loose and dirty at.
Anything you want to tell the party people of Bali?
First and foremost… BE THERE! Second… I love you! Thirdly…. Let’s get lit!


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