VIP Meal Deal: Bistro C

PRICE – 595k
VIP PRICE – 535.5k

The Smoker Choice – 245k
70gr beef brisket, 70gr pulled pork, 1 spare rib & 1 piece of grilled chicken + 1 side of your choice
Vegan BBQ – 145k
Tempe Faux Ribs, Vegan Crunchy Fresh Broccoli Salad (Olive oil, shallots & roasted almonds), Sauteed Mushrooms (Oyster mushrooms, shimiji, buttons mushrooms with thyme garlic on spinach)
Vegetarian Quinoa Salad – 85k
Quinoa, edamame, roast pumpkin, grilled Halloumi cheese, spiced seeds, watercress, spinach & yougurt – cumin dressing
Spirulina Green Flash – 65k
spirulina, celery, parsley, coriander, apple juice
Berry Tastic – 55k
raspberry, strawberry, cranberry
The ever-evolving town of Canggu continues to push the boundaries on food and Finns Recreation Club’s restaurant, Bistro C is making its way to the top with a killer menu that suits any palate. Veganism in the area is prominent, but are you getting the right balance of carbs, proteins and veggies?! Bistro C have recently put together a section of the menu specifically for those of you that may want to keep your dietary needs in check called “Make Your Own Main”, which harnesses their beloved smoke house style in a vegan way. Let’s not forget the rest of the menu though, which has added an extensive selection of delectable dishes ready for you to try today! If you’re in the loop you won’t forget your Beat VIP Card and get 10% off on all the food & drinks after 5pm, see you at Bistro C!
Bistro C
Jl. Pantai Berawa No.8, Kuta Utara, Bali


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