Sunday All You Can Eat Dim Sum Brunch At Golden Monkey Ubud

This Sunday’s culinary adventure brings us to explore the realm of authentic Chinese cuisine provided by Golden Monkey restaurant in Ubud. Seating away from the busy street of Ubud with charming red color surroundings, this restaurant serve great variations of Chinese food including Dim Sum, BBQ, a Wok Dish, Vegetables and Rice. Every Sunday, they offer an extravagant all-you-can-eat dim sum brunch, starting with a festive selection of dim sum and ending with some delectable desserts.

To start the brunch, while we wait for our dim sum to be served we can choose a wide selection of drinks ranging from tea, coffee and juice to cocktails, wine or beer. Not so long after, the dim sum are ready to be passed on our table. First off, we get to taste a variety of flavorful prawn and pork dumplings, crystal dumpling, Shanghai pork broth dumplings, and also vegetarian dumplings. No need to get off the table, the staff are ready to replace our empty plates with steamed pork buns, fried wontons, chicken feet with spicy bean sauce, and fried rice with roasted pork, and pickled radish. Last but not least, after making sure that we are satisfied with the meal, the two selections of sweet desert including custard buns and pandan buns are brought to us.

The Sunday Brunch at Golden Monkey package costs IDR 175K ++ for adults and IDR87.5K ++ for children under 12 years old. The drinks were not included in the price but an experience to taste a bona fide selections of Chinese fare is.
Golden Monkey Ubud
+62 8123 7783 571
11 AM – 3 PM


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