Soka Nightclub | Beef Bakso

 In Food, What Do You Recommend, Chef?

Chef: Wayan

Known to serve party goers with some tasty beats and refreshing drinks, Soka’s food menu consists of delectable options which have been crafted thoughtfully to suit those who need a little companion on their trip around the busy Kuta strip. According to their Chef Wayan, Soka is now bringing some new things to the table by presenting local dishes made into a sophisticated meal including one of these creations, The Beef Bakso (55K nett). A 175-gram meat grind into a meatball and drowned in a beef broth soup along with rice noodles and white cabbage. This is served with ketchup, sweet soy and sambal on the side. What you’ll love about this dish is its savory taste and tenderness of the meatballs. Pair it with a Soka fresh cocktail and you’ve got yourself a great Kuta combo!

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