Secret Spot Yoghurt Bar

With the health conscious Rachma.
Over indulging can get pretty ugly when it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth as finding sweet treats with no artificial ingredients and no added sugar isn’t always an easy mission.

If you are a total sucker for sweet treats but determined not to let it spoil your healthy lifestyle, Secret Spot’s healthy treats definitely take the cake.
A family business that started in September 2015 from a rather small yoghurt bar in Bukit, Uluwatu, has now opened its second branch in Canggu, giving you more options for a healthy start to your day or a sweet finish to any meal. A small yet beautifully designed shop sits amongst some of the best cafes in one of the hippest Canggu neighborhoods on Jl Pantai Berawa, less than 5 minutes scoot to the beach.

With their “eat clean, surf clean, live clean” philosophy, Secret Spot’s crew believe that we are what we eat. The owners have been vegetarian for 12 years and found their lifestyle to be of much benefit. As a health centered business, Secret Spot thrives in providing families and individuals various healthy meal options that are fresh and nutritionally boosted with superfoods and all-natural ingredients. They provide healthier options than traditional recipes but are still satisfyingly delicious while leaving you with no guilt (nor belly) afterwards.
Secret Spot’s menu is loaded with sweet treats that won’t ruin your diet. Their nutritious meals will easily please everyone and especially kids. Their smoothie bowls are to die for, simply delicious to say the least – packed with nutritious mixes of chia-coconut pudding, ground sesame and flax seeds, mixed nuts and tropical fruits. These bowls of goodness are perfect for a power breakfast or a refuel after a good surf. If you are strictly vegan, you can choose coconut water as a substitute base instead of yoghurt at no additional cost to make your smoothie as vegan as it can be.

If frozen-yoghurt is your weakness, Secret Spot has its signature homemade frozen-yoghurt to satisfy your need to spoon up something frozen and sweet – you’ll definitely love the fruity factor of the all-natural topping bar. Those readymade yoghurts in supermarkets have nothing on these.
They have great Arabica coffee from Kintimani, but for those wanting a cup of coffee-like beverage without worrying about the caffine, Secret Spot has its special Chicory drink served as a substitute for coffee, as a healthier option for grown-ups and kids alike to enjoy anytime of the day.

With the main purpose in making a healthier life easier for their customers, it’s only natural that Secret Spot is also involved in the go green movement by doing regular recycling and composting as part of their commitment to keeping the island clean.
Open from 8am – 10pm daily and on the second month of their soft opening period, Secret Spot has now added more onto their menu – offering their valued customers with more than just all the guilt-free treats but also the healthy savory lunch menu such as chickpea falafel wrap, spinach ricotta ravioli and tempe bowl to name a few. All this makes it an even more suitable place to dine with the whole family.

Secret Spot Yogurt Bar
Jl. Pantai Berawa no.44
Jl. Raya Uluwatu no.68
Ph : +62-813-37915791


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