Ryoshi Special Set

Chef: Sagon Togasa

Here in Bali, we’re spoilt with culinary choice, especially when it comes to the vibrant, abundance of Asian food. Though on the more specific note of Japanese food, we can all undoubtedly agree that Ryoshi has always been one of the island’s paragons. Celebrating a remarkable 26 years of service, we were excited to see what they had in store for this edition of Chef’s Recommendation! As we entered the sliding doors into the traditional Japanese atmosphere and tatami seating area, we were warmly greeted by Dwi, a member of the founding Ryoshi family, who served up The Ryoshi Special Set (115k). This particular set provided an array of classic all-star Japenese dishes and sides; Chicken teriyaki, mixed tempura, agedashi tofu, tamagoyaki, side salad, miso soup, sesame beans as well as eggplant in miso and soyu dressing. Every selection on this set had us indulging in flavours that revolved around comfort and simplicity, in which still stays true to the restaurant’s 26 year vision. All in all, Ryoshi brings in a cozy atmosphere, enriches it’s famous flavors through fresh and local produce, all for amazing value. You won’t be left wondering as to how and why they’ve expanded into six branches around the island throughout 2.5 decades!


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