SOKA Bar & Restaurant

We dropped by Soka for lunch and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the dining. This spacious Bar & Restaurant offers a nice atmosphere and is surprisingly cool and breezy considering we chose to sit at the front area at that particular time of the day.

We ordered Supreme Nachos for starters, BBQ pork ribs and Soka‘s signature Purple Jam for myself while my lunch partner opted for Nasi goreng Soka and a Hawaiian pizza. Nothing too unusual.
Their menu offers a wide selection of mouth watering Mexican classics such as grilled chicken / steak burrito’s and quesadillas, BBQ pork tacos and crispy prawn / snapper tacos to name a few. You will also find a variety of all time Indonesian favorites such as Chicken satay, chicken curry and mie goreng as well as enough variety of pizzas and burgers to try! Not to mention the Australian strip steak, chicken parmesan and crispy duck in the Main course menu.

Soka has a rich selection of classic cocktails, mocktails, beers, wines and spirits to pair up with your meals.
I’ve had too many Nachos that come with very little toppings in the past but our Supreme Nachos here at Soka, came with quite a generous amount of toppings : minced beef, cheddar cheese sauce, salsa, sour créam, jalapenos, black olives and guacamole – and it was delicious too!
I totally loved my purple jam! The mix of Vodka, blueberry fruit, mint leaf, lime juice topped with blueberry Juice, garnished with a slice of limé was simply refreshing and perfect to my taste!

My BBQ pork ribs were divine with meat practically falling off the bone. It came with sauteed greens and mashed potatos. My partner enjoyed his nasi goreng which was served with chicken sate, shrimp crackers and pickles and again it was tasty.

I couldn’t stop taking slice after slice of my friend’s Hawaiian pizza, loving the shredded pork they have on it instead of the usual ham and bacon. We topped up all the deliciousness with a slice of Soka’s New York style cheesecake, what a sweet end to a fabulous lunch.
Our experience at Soka was delightful in every way – fantastic menu, fantastic staff, space is clean, great value for the quality of the meal you receive, I personally love the way they do the Hawaiian pizza and will be back for that for sure, this place is definitely worth a visit!
The restaurant opens from 1pm – 2am daily. Don’t miss the happy hour of buy 2 get 1 free for beers and selected cocktails, as well as their epic promo package on drinks! Live music is on everyday from 7 – 11pm and DJ’s Beats start from 11pm.
Jl Raya Legian no. 36, Kuta – Bali
Ph. +62 822 4776 2536
By : Nineth Rachma


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