Ryoshi Seminyak: an institution in Bali Japanese dining

With new restaurants popping up all over the island – Ryoshi remains one of the few restaurants that have maintained its quality of the food and service for a long time, so coming back here for a great sushi fix is more like a tradition as my partner and I love Ryoshi and its consistent offerings. Usually prefering their outdoor garden dining area, we opted for their cozy indoor to avoid the moody rain drops this time of year.

We ordered ourselves the Sashimi salad Rp 65K and Tuna Panko Rp 42K for appetizers, Beef Teppan Rp 105K and Chirashi Sushi Rp 85K and each a Strawberry Chuhai Rp 35K.

Our Sashimi salad was the first to be served, this seaweed salad topped with an assortment of sashimi was not only tasty and appetizing – it was also fresh and beautifully presented. Our Tuna panko was also delicious, breaded tuna roll deep fried into perfection, yum!

Next arrived, our mouth watering Beef Teppan and bowl of Chirashi Sushi, both also well presented on our table. The 200g imported beef steak was as tender and juicy as can be, sizzled tepanyaki style – we both especially loved the generous garlic toppings it came with that compliment its tastiness. Chirashi Sushi was another amazing dish, a bowl of various beautifully sliced raw fish over a bowl of rice is simply delicious.

We ended our delightful lunch with a Matcha Shiratama Rp 35K, our all time favorite dessert at Ryoshi, which is a green tea ice cream topped with green tea jelly, mochi balls and soya malt. This particular dessert has an amazing sweetness that got us hooked the first time we tried it, I especially love and it has since became one of our favorites.

If you love live music like we do then Ryoshi is not to be missed, don’t miss Rio Sidik quintet putting a great show on every Monday starting 9pm and Funky Friday night featuring some of the best local jazz musicians.

Delicious Japanese food, prompt service, spacious seating area, great live music and overall value for money – Ryoshi ticks all the boxes for an amazing Japenese dining experience in Bali.


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