Pali Rumah Joglo: Authentic Indonesian Restaurant

Want to get a feel of the “old” Canggu? You know the time before life here got reduced to being permanently stuck in the infamous shortcut? Well, happy to report there are still nooks and crannies that maintain the Canggu charm from the pre-instagram crazed era. Pali restaurant is definitely one of them. Tucked away on Jl. Padang Linjong and overlooking a stretch of rice paddy, it is housed in a charming, old style Javanese joglo and dishes up the most authentic Indonesian offerings from all over the archipelago.

They make Gado-Gado the traditional way – by grounding the peanut paste in a large stone mortar and mixing it up with all the fresh ingredients. Another big draw is the Nasi Campur your way, you can pick your rice, meat or veggies and your desired spice level. Hot tip: visit the resto for a super romantic dinner around full moon when it shines so bright, it literally lights up the surrounding rice paddy. You will forget all about the shortcut when munching on the flavor packed Indonesian staples and discovering new flavors – we recommend you try the Sumatran specialty: cooked cassava leaves in coconut milk broth served in a halved young coco shell.

One of Javanese culture’s tenets is humbleness. It shows when you enter the joglo, you’ll notice it is built very low, so guests have to bow. It is an expression of respect to the homeowners. The team behind Pali incorporated this philosophy into the settings and culture of Pali.

Their menu was intentionally designed for sharing from small to large plates. It is to highlight the togetherness of the Indonesian culture.

Pali is a new hot spot for when you want break away from all the crowds and enjoy an authentic dining experience, from the settings to the food, that is always served with the quintessential Indonesian hospitality.

Words & Photos by: Vero

Jl.Padang Linjong, Canggu
IG: @pali.bali
Open: 12pm – 9pm DAILY
WA: 08881037597352

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