Milk & Madu

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The Berawa superstar café burnt down last year, but at least it allowed them to be a bit dramatic: rising like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes only to be bigger and better!

Now you can get the excellent beans by the Brotherhood – they’re Australians, so that is affirmative on some solid specialty coffee, paired with everyone’s favorite neighborhood brekkies. Do not miss out on Madu’s new menu additions – they just rolled out exquisite “Crispy Corn Fritters” topped with wild salmon and beet relish. Try them once and you’ll be hooked plus your belly will thank you for it.

The café now features elevated ceilings, feeling very bright and spacious and also has an epic playground for your little ninjas to zip around while you sip on your umpteenth cappu.

Milk & Madu has a reputation of a breakfast powerhouse (so get in there early, the tables are going fast) but do not be mistaken, their lunch and dinner game is just as strong. Think abundant salad bowls (“Byron Bowl” is a winner!) plus it is a home of the famous Lava Stone PIZZA – spot on for dinner. Do not forget to check their Instagram for special deals daily!

Jalan Pantai Berawa 52, Canggu
IG @milkandmadu

Words & Photos by Veronika

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