KO @ Intercontinental Bali Resort

Tucked deep within the vast InterContinental Resort, KO restaurant is a lavish Japanese dining experience that is not to be missed.
Surrounded by extensive zen gardens and gently spilling waterfalls, a maze of interconnected covered walkways lead you first to the sake bar where you can sip on some Japanese style cocktails before making your way through to the main area.

Two huge open kitchens, each housing two opposing polished steel teppanyaki grills, sit either side of the space which is drenched in black, deep red and gold and moodily lit for a wonderfully authentic atmosphere. Pick your spot directly in front of the action and marvel as your own personal chef creates everything before your eyes.

The a la carte menu is stuffed full of inventive fusion treats like Creamy Shrimp Tempura and Foie Gras Eggplant with Balsamic as well as the more customary nibbles like Gyoza or Tuna Tataki, but to really get the works there are five specially curated degustation packages to choose from. Coming in at 990k++, The KO Experience comes with all the bells and whistles, with a grand total of nine courses – all whipped up on the teppan.

Our chef enters the kitchen with the air of a theatrical performer, which, as we find out is pretty much because he is one. With a clatter of spatulas and a couple of huge bursts of flame he’s off, slicing, dicing his way through the ingredients, all of which end up delicately presented and handed over right onto my table mat. We start off with the Tuna Karashi Miso & Creamy Spicy Tempura, quickly followed up by that teppan staple of fresh veggies and beansprouts, expertly grilled to tender perfection.

Next up comes the Prawn & Scallop with Butter Ponzu Sauce with the Unagi (eel) Foie Gras & Potato hot on its heels. It’s already an amazing spread that only gets better with the arrival of the super tender Salmon with Butter Lemon Soy Sauce, followed by the softest Wagyu Beef I’ve every tried – all dressup up in a sensational red wine soy sauce. On the side, a bowl of the classic Miso Soup and a hot pot of perfectly fried rice complete the picture, before the final act of Matcha Tea Rolls with Orange Jelly sorts out the sweet ending.

A superb drinks list means that there is always something either alcoholic or non-alcoholic to wash everything down – my particular favourite was the Sakura (160k++); a hit of raspberry-infused vodka, shaken with muddled cucumber, raspberries and a hint of lemon juice.
Dan Ashcroft
KO @ Intercontinental Bali Resort
701 888


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