Remix Juice & Co

Words & Photos by Vero

Remix is not a fad or a hype, remix is a way of life. Have cold pressed juices running thru your veins already? Still – you haven’t tried Remix made on their Angel machine preserving all the goodness from the fruits and veggies without letting it oxidize. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, go try yourself. There is a plethora of bottles to choose from – bunch of greens, roots, fruits, extras – like magical black Bamboo Charcoal elixir plus a variety of mini-shots to get you going in the AM.

They serve their bottles full of health along with gourmet breakfasts and wholesome lunches.
Remix dishes up the realest French Toast in B-town, so if you’re a fan, this is a place to go. We will also order their interpretation of smashed avo toast any day.

You can also order in-house made nutritious treats to go or have anything from the menu delivered right to your doorstep. Think along the lines of crunchy home-made granola, energy balls, guiltless nibbles, different flavored Almond butters and Chia puddings.
Their range of original almond milks is life changing – especially the Chocolate flavored one is a must. Remix can also help you design juice cleanses, if you feel like detoxing, you wild Bali enjoyer!

To wrap up the whole Remix deal, the cafe is very petite and hence cute. For all those who cannot eat their lunch without posting it on Instagram, this place is a heaven too. Bright mural covered walls, neon signs and hanging planters adding to the tropical feel. Oh and they just opened at a new location in the upcoming neighborhood of Pererenan.

Jl.Umalas 2, 16A
Open: Mon – Sat: 7am – 3pm, Closed Sundays , Closed Sundays
Insta: @remixjuicebali


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