On The Rocks: Single Malt | Enchanting Citrus

 In Drinks - On the rocks, Food

You might think that Single Malt is all about that neat high dollar scotch and you’re partially right for thinking that. But there’s a whole world of whiskey cocktails out there and no one does it better than the folks at Single Malt. We tried their Enchanting Citrus (130k) which is definitely a girly drink that we were manly enough to enjoy. It’s made up of orange, lemon, lime, pomelo, Vanilla Cointreau, bitters and Jameson. If you need some vitamin c in your diet, this is a great start. Everything is muddled in with exception to the pomelo which is neatly seated at the bottom. The cocktail is well balanced and the sweetness came off rather fresh without that syrupy taste associated with most cocktails that come in a hurricane glass. The citrus complimented the Jameson and we’d like to imagine Irish sailors of a bygone era slamming these to fight scurvy and be merry. Check out their other fine cocktails for more pleasant whiskey surprises.

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