Depot Gimbo Babi Asap (Babi Se’i)

Depot Gimbo’s smoked pork a’la East Nusa Tenggara Island is an authentic dish from Rote. The pork meat was marinated using salt & spices before smoked using ceylon oak (Schleichera oleosa) wood and leaves for hours, rested, then either barbecued or fried on a hot plate  with sliced onions and a side dish of steamed rice. There’s also the papaya flower & tapioca leaves dish, which is slightly bitter and compliments the salty smoked pork nicely. And if you’re into hot & spicy dishes, then you’ll love their complimentary hot & sour sambal. Opens from 10am to 10pm on Jl. Raya Imam Bonjol No. 350, Denpasar. For more information, call 0361-483404 or search them on Go-food.


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