Date for Two: Sugarsand

The serenity at SugarSand is enough to make you want to lounge at the beachside restaurant all day long. Whether it’s the laid-back vibes and staff or the comfy birds nest chairs and sunken lounges in the infinity pool, this is the ideal spot to un-wind with the sound of waves in the forefront and jazzy tunes in the background. The gourmed magic starts when delving into their fusion styled Japanese/Peruvian cuisine known as Nikkei. The cuisine that incorporates traditional Peruvian ingredients and Japanese style cooking. SugarSand has taken this exciting cuisine and added its own special twist, bringing locally sourced Balinese ingredients to the mix!

As we entered from the glamorous beachside entrance, we were welcomed by the attentive reception girl and seated promptly. One look at the menu had my mouth watering. I’m a sucker for Japanese and anything fusion or experimental, and the combination of Peruvian flavors and Japanese style dishes is something I hadn’t tried before and was excited to feast!

We kicked off with an incredible Soft-Shell Crab Maki (95k) roll that was a total flavor bomb, alongside the Tuna Nikkei Ceviche (90k) – a delicious introduction to this new cuisine. We continued with some cocktails dubbed Big in Japan that consisted of a Dashi Mary (140k), an edgy interpretation of the classic Bloody Mary with a bold Japanese twist and the Shogun Milk Punch (140k) – a blend of sake, black tea, goji berry and milk, making for a unique Japanese rendition.
We carried on with some Anticucho Skewers from the Robata Grill, with favorites like the Gandira Cod (60k) and Beef Hanger (60k) sitting very well and really showcasing the versatility of the Nikkei Cuisine. We added a plate of Loaded Flat Breads in which we opted for the BBQ Beef (145k), a soft pizza-like bread that is jam-packed with Peruvian essence.

Moving onto the mains, we chose the tender 250g Black Angus Rib Fillet (350k) with chayote, tempura leeks, red miso chili and paired that with something from the wok. The Yakisoba (180k) consisting of tiger prawns, noodles, green onions, chili and pickled ginger. A top selection of dishes if you are in the Double Six area.

To end things with a sweet touch we had our coffee with some Matcha Financiers (85k) and the Salted peanut & chocolate truffles (85k). Not to mention a cheeky little Elevation (160k) cocktail to send us off with a bang!



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