Date for 2: The Plantation Grill Seminyak

Sitting atop the famed Double Six Hotel is the luxurious Plantation Grill restaurant, known for its stunning interior, top quality food & service and bodacious views overlooking the Indian Ocean below. If there was ever somewhere to impress a date, this is the place! The theme of the restaurant reminds us of the Great Gatsby, with classy marble finishes, a vaulted double-height ceiling and huge glass windows, screaming twenties-style luxury. So, dress to impress and prepare yourself for a taste into a grandiose grilled meat & seafood wonderland.

We entered the venue via the beautiful spiral staircase, leading us to our leather booth where our friends were waiting for us with a bottle of red. As we sat down, we were offered a selection of baked goods, from a traditional Pandan flavoured bread to scrumptious croissants and gluten-free selections. The restaurants signature dishes revolve around dry-aged, exclusively sourced and imported meat and sustainably caught fresh seafood cooked in custom made coal grills and woodfire ovens. So, we decided to mix it up and try a selection of their specialities.

We commenced the feast with the Classic Ceviche (140k), tasting as if it came fresh from the sea, featuring white snapper, prawn, octopus and your classic ceviche elements. We paired that with my personal favourite, San Francisco Fish Soup (175k), which includes mussels, clams, prawns, crab and fish steamed in a spicy tomato broth. Both simple and delightful dishes to get us started!

The main event was next and did not disappoint. My date went for the Wood Seared Salmon Fillet dusted in Sumac (250k), a type of powder consisting of 35 different species of flowering plants and fruits, dried crusted around the outside of the Salmon and served with sautéed spinach, black rice and beurre blanc sauce. I went for a more carnivorous option, the 200gr Beef Tenderloin Fillet (440k), served with basil salsa verde, and paired it with Honey Glazed Carrots (65k) and Black Truffle Mac & Cheese (160k) to share. Safe to say it was tender and up to par with some of the best steaks we’ve tried around town.

We we’re all talking about how full we were feeling when suddenly, we got caught in a drive-by – the 1920’s Dessert Trolley drive by. For 95k you can pick out any dessert from the selection on the trolley. We went for the Mocha Mousse. After polishing off the rest of the delicious wine picked out by the excellent sommelier, we stumbled out, arm in arm, feeling more than happy and ready for the next chapter of the night.


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