Date for 2: Mauri

The new kid on the block, Mauri restaurant is the brain-child of Italian chef Maurizio Bombini, an esteemed chef from Pulgia, Italy. Mauri encompasses flavours from his Pugliese origins and merges fresh produce from Balinese farmers and homemade items from their hydroponic garden on the rooftop, creating a delicate and seasonal tasting menu. You can find a few fine dining restaurants in the Petitenget area, but Mauri’s appearance – from its outer shell to its interior décor gives the feeling of ingenuity and simply transports you outside of the Bali bubble.

Open only for dinner, offering an a la carte menu along with the 5-course Tasting Menu (550k) covering their signature dishes and is recommended if you want to taste the essence of Mauri. The cheerful staff or Chef Maurizio himself will accompany you though the journey, explaining in detail what you are about to indulge in. Starting off with the amuse bouche, a number of traditional snacks and palate cleansers before getting into the tasting menu. The “Tonno in Carpione” came first and was the star of the show in our opinion, three melt-in-your-mouth Tuna bites that ignited the hunger inside us. Next was the Pargmigiano Ravioli – another three tasty spoonful’s, this time into ravioli dreamland. The courses that followed were the Merruzo Cod Fish, Rib Eye Wagyu Beef, and Risotto Beef Cheek which were sufficiently good and worth the cover charge.

After finishing our bottle of Prosecco and new-age Tiramisu we kissed goodbye until next week’s Date for Two.


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