Date for 2: Ijen

The Potato Head family introduced Ijen, the first zero-waste restaurant in Indonesia in October of last year and it has been on a revolutionary journey since! The zero-waste philosophy goes as far as the furniture, menus, suppliers and décor to the sustainably line-caught fish, expertly cooked over wood-fired grills, adding to PotHead’s mission in becoming a circular brand with minimal impact on mother earth.

With our personal mission of trying to keep our waste minimal and cut down on meats, Ijen was the perfect match for our Date For Two. It was a hot and sunny day, with salty whiffs of wind streaming through the open-air space. The ideal temperature and environment to sip on a fresh and tasty cocktail, you might say.

We ordered two of their signature cocktails, the Ginger Fizz (100k) and Rosemary Mule (110k) – both sweet, tantalizing and enjoyable with our welcome crackers made of the left-over fish scales. Following the zero-waste philosophy down to a tee.

Executive Chef Wayan Kresna Yasa has kept the menu simple, yet incredibly interesting, using materials and cooking techniques that reduce the environmental footprint. The catch of the day is definitely the star of the show – sourced from local company, Bali Sustainable Seafood and served with a range of creative plant dishes like the Roasted Cauliflower (60k), Pickled Tropical Fruits (40k) and Marble Coin Potatoes (50k).

Before the main event, we tried the inventive Grilled Octopus (125k) alongside the Rujak Mackerel (70k) and Smoky Garlic Prawn Skewers (120k). All of which worked symbiotically together, giving us an overwhelming excitement for what was to come!

For the main course we shared the Whole Grouper in Banana Leaf (420k/kg) served with the previously mentioned Roasted Cauliflower and delicious White Parcel Rice (60k). The combination of these dishes brought us back to dining at the famous Jimbaran market but with a modern and even more flavourful experience.

We completed our 100% certified sustainable date with a lovely Chocolate Brulee (55k) with Jamu ice cream and a kiss to end yet another lovely Date for Two.


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