Bargains in Berawa for under 100K

Thai kitchen
A hole-in-the-wall restaurant with more than a bang for your buck! Thai Kitchen is a locally run restaurant serving some of the most affordable and tasty Thai classics on the island. Almost everything on the menu is under 50K, so if you’re looking for an economical meal this is a great option. Choose between dishes like the iconic Pad Thai (35 – 55k), Stir fries (45k), Pa – Nang soup (50k), Papaya salad (35k), Tom Yum (40k) and so many more! The small restaurant is usually jam-packed for dinner, but Thai Kitchen also makes for a stupendous lunch spot since they have put in the AC and there is less traffic. Make sure you check them out if you’re hungry and on a budget! No Instagram but trust us on this one.

Lupé Canggu
All-you-can-eat deals galore, Lupé is open six days a week offering a variety of buffets every day! Focusing on local produce, well cooked meats, stand-out vegetarian and vegan options, home-made sauces & soups, Lupé are situated on Jl. Tegal Sari and are bound to satisfy your cravings. Open from Tuesday – Sunday, Lupe is situated on Tegal Sari No.37A. You can enjoy the healthiest, self-service buffets starting with Greek on Tuesdays, Veg & Vegan on Wednesdays, Italian on Thursdays, Seafood on Fridays, Mexican on Saturdays and Sunday Roast on Sundays. Prices start from 89k – 149k depending on the day, and make sure you come hungry to make the most of it! Check their Instagram for more pics – @lupe_canggu

A long-standing favourite between the expat and tourist crowd, famous for their hand rolled sushi and extensive selection of popular Japanese dishes, not to mention the under 100k deals! You can start with one of their set menu deals, choose any bowl (katsu curry, udon tempura, poke bowl) + a drink for only 90k, that’s a deal! If you’re feeling like sushi on a Sunday then you’re in luck, with the buy-one-get-one free hand rolls & cut rolls. Fancy a beer and a sake shot? Enjoy exactly that for only 50k! Find more daily deals on their Instagram – @tygrsushi.

Banh Mi & Beans
Vietnamese food is slowly but surely becoming more common in Canggu but if you’re looking for a Banh Mi and don’t want to break the bank, scoot over to Banh Mi & Beans! Serving up fresh Banh Mi’s on Jalan Raya Semat No.30 starting at 35k for the standard going up to 50k for the special Banh Mi Dac Biet that combines all of the flavours and includes a delicious Vietnamese sausage. Does it get better? Yes! With their Monday deals featuring any dish + coffee and a smoothie for only 70k! Find out more on their Instagram – @banhmiandbeans

If you are craving some top-quality tacos, Punkys on Jalan Raya Semat No. 101 are totally worth your time and money. We’re talking two home-made corn tortillas with a selection of beef, pork, chicken and vegetarian options that will blow you away – all for only 50k! Aside from the taco’s you can enjoy burritos, quesadillas, Mexican rice bowls and range of breakfast creations – not to mention their promo of a breakfast burrito and a coffee between 8am – 12pm for just 65k. Open from Tuesday – Sunday, check out their Instagram for the visuals – @punkysbali.

Asia Campur Deli
This deli in Berawa highlights all the best Asian culinary delights and makes them available for take-away and to eat on the spot! They offer a variety of dishes spanning from Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, Hawaiian, Korean but Japanese is their main influence. There are many options and deals, If you choose any rice bowl, you can choose a free salad and free flow ice tea to go with it, for only 70k! There are a multitude of healthy options, from make-your-own bento boxes, sandwiches, rice bowls and a large array of ready to eat salads (pictured above), all under the 90k mark. It’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s all happening at Asia Campur Deli!


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