Time to help and work together. Thearosa finds out how communities are helping the people of Bali

The Beat’s Thearosa has been busy checking where you can spend you charity dollars and make a difference around Bali. Let’s check now what she’s found.

Hi Beat Readers! It’s time to catch up on Bali’s Community Initiatives to help the local people during this now devastating economic crisis in Bali.

“Though the streets may be still and silent, Bali’s pulse and karmic cycles stay positive and strong with the help of communities and outreaches. In this feature we scope into the heartwarmingly gracious and giving efforts that keep our Island together during its most trying time.”

Foundation run Food Banks and Drives


For those that feel better inclined to contributing non-monetary and direct donations, there are multiple food donation drives and kitchens around the south, organized by trusted foundation Solemen that has partnered and set up stations at Sunset road’s Grand Lucky and Seminyak’s Bintang Supermarket.

Crisis Kitchen is centered in Umalas, however distribute their aid packages all across Bali including Northern villages, orphanages and street families. Their drop off is located at Tropicana Churros.

The Bali Children Foundation offer an AUD $25 pandemic food pack that feeds a family for one month or AUD $100 which feeds four families for one month, inclusive of staple foods, soap, and 4 face masks.

International food rescue foundation Scholars of Sustenance have provided community fridges stationed at multiple establishments including Poule de Lux on Batu Belig, Home Deli Semer, Canggu Station, Alive Wholefoods in Canggu, Papaya off Sunset Road, Kuta, Rumah Sanur Creative Hub, Café Smorgas Sanur, as well as Bridges in Ubud. Through their Facebook page, they’ve reported one day where they successfully distributed a whopping 3000 meals!

Jodie O’Shea House. If you’re interested in a drop off donation, please keep in mind to only provide nonperishable items and essential goods. We recommend basic toiletries, canned goods, rice, instant noodles, cereals and milk formula. Cash is needed too.

Community and Open Kitchens


Several establishments offer daily meals to distribute, preparing Indonesian staple dishes such as Nasi Goreng and Nasi Campur. Over at Canggu we’ve got The Good Food Brotherhood family who have partnered up with The Practice to set up daily drive thru in front of Ulekan as well as The Practice Yoga Studios. The Lawn who have substituted their infamous “Lawn Fridays”  hand out meals every Friday from 12pm – 2pm. Up in Ubud, celebrity chef Will Goldfarb has taken to transform Room 4 Dessert’s kitchen ( Yes, the one featured on Netflix’s Chef’s Table!) into distributing nutritious house cooked meals while sustaining responsible non-conventional farming methods and quality ingredients.



Down in Oberoi, the vibrant Sea Circus have created a food fund which you can donate through four different platforms via website, ensuring every cent towards food aid.

DJ Collective PNNY have collaborated with IndoSole to provide a portion of their merchandise sale towards Room 4 Dessert’s kitchen.

DJ hub, record label and studio, Bali Praia have announced an exciting live stream set supported by Pioneer Indonesia and hosted on the Streamland platform, where donations are encouraged via paypal and go towards the “Feed a Family” program conducted by Tresna Bali Cooking School. Check out their social site for their line up!

The Mask Society engages unemployed seamstresses who create masks and help keep the community safe, creating the initiative of “Buy one, give one”, where 100% of sales go towards the seamstresses. One mask is priced at Rp. 10,000.

Also, soon The Beat and The Rose Bali in association with all the best clubs and restaurants around town will be offering the fanciest masks in the land to be used at The  Beat App Launch Party, which will be on as soon as we can – hopefully early June. They can also be used anywhere in the nightlife too. They are safe and stylish. Half the sale price goes to charity.

It’s time to come together and put things into perspective; One dollar can be a meal for two people, and the average price of your coffee can feed an entire family of four! Let’s give back to the island that has given us so much love.

Any other interesting initiatives going on, please let us know.


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