The Residents that make S*A*S*H

The Beat spoke with Cristian Birlanescu from Sydney’s S*A*S*H, who will be having their second monthly show at Vue Beach Club next Sunday, July 7, about their resident DJs who will be anchoring the Sunday gigs over the next months until October. According to Cris, over the last few years the three S.A.S.H residents have made the cornerstone of the S*A*S*H sound. Each has tailored their music for a different aspect – each encompasses a different branch of the day and night. Abroad, the 2019 S*A*S*H world tour will see them cross paths with DC10 in Ibiza, Pacha Barcelona, Renate in Berlin, PIV Showcase at Claire in Amsterdam and of course, right here in Bali with their S*A*S*H Bali Open Air shows and the Gypsyland show in July. So who are these S*A*S*H resident DJs, you may ask?

Kerry Wallace:
Taking a page out of the “all-things-sleazy-bouncy-and-rolling” handbook, a handbook which we suspect he very well wrote, Kerry is more than comfortable with a soundtrack of afternoon rollers to a main room headline slot. Locally, over the time at the helm of S*A*S*H, the list of more than appropriately executed warm-ups, closing and openings is much longer than we care to mention in this article sharing the stage with countless of houses’ finest. Being much of the fuel which drives this train, Kerry’s music speaks much further than the dancefloor with S.A.S.H approaching a decade and has become an internationally recognised event synonymous with a quality soundtrack and an Australian staple.

Few people boast the musical ability that Gabby has in so many forms – physically, vocally and technically. As a DJ today, she’s the lady of choice in Australia for any underground event. Her unique mix of weird, warm yet slightly wonky minimal, micro house and techno, creates an environment that both challenges & nourishes the mind while liberating the body – Gabby shines brightest when she can completely take the reins.

Jake Hough:
If the mark of a strong DJ is versatility, Jake must be one of the strongest acts within the Oz scene. From dubby moody room openings, euphoric morning closing sets, and main room hammer time, Jake’s musical versatility and unwavering music standard set “Hoffy” as a standout artist. With a warm tinge and a healthy nod to the roots of house music, there are few who don’t connect to Jake’s music. Elegant, simple, effective and always a cheeky classic thrown in. Now serving his signature “Breakfast at S*A*S*H” sets as the sun rises, his soundtrack perfectly mirrors the mood and colour of the room – all to full affect from the crowd.

These residents will be gracing the decks of S*A*S*H Bali at Vue Beach Club over the next months, every first Sunday of the month. Check it!


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