This week we are talking LIVE to one of the great, all time resident DJs of the island, James Hendrik.
He’s originally from Timor NTT and has been on the island since 1995 and been a resident DJ on Bali since 1999. Some of you may recall him spinning his wares in The Hard Rock Cafe Bali or Klapa, and more recently at the super popular Mirror nightclub in Petitenget. But I bet you didn’t know he started back in places like Number One in Sanur, Goa 2000, Nikko Hotel and his own BOA Jazz Club in Dhyana Pura. So anyway, we have him live with us right now for this week’s Resident DJ Interview – going live….
We start by asking him what got him into DJing back 1999?
Wow, thanks for going live, I guess DJing felt kinda cool back then.
How did you get involved in it? With whom?
Started playing on CDBS radio, my mentor back then was the awesome Jonny Satrio.
Yes DJ Jonny ruled the waves back in those days. What was the music scene like back in those days? Was it hard to get new tracks?
Whoah, yeah it was difficult, we all played vinyl back then and it was hard to get my hands on them, gotta have friends get it from abroad, no online shopping for sure back then.
What kind of music were you playing at the time? And how was the nightlife scene?
From reggae to soul, acid jazz, classic disco, house to progressive trance, nightlife was great because the clubs already had their own genre, music was more with analog systems so, better quality all round.
Yes everything was a little more analogue back in those days including decor, lighting and people. What was your favorite place to hang out late back then?
66 for sure.
Club music appears to have changed a lot over the years. How do you think it has changed and do you think it has changed for the better?
Surely it has changed, but the base is the same, it’s all a matter of taste. For some yes its better, but the ones not to my taste I say NAY
So that brings us to you now, the 2018 version. You’re the resident main man at Mirror Bali. Mirror seems to have had a few changes of music direction over the three years it has been around. Where is the music at right now?
Yes it has, like I said before my taste never changed, but at the end of the day the crowd also defines the business. Mirror has different days for each genre, so we bring the best tunes for each genre to everyone.
What’s the best and worst thing about being a resident DJ?
The best part is when you have a full house and they are a “musically educated” crowd so they get your set, well the worst is basically the opposite.
Ok thanks for joining us LIVE for a chat. Any shout out before you go?
No worries, pleasure is mine, come down to Mirror this wednesday for some underground sound! See ya!


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