Red Carpet Late is a new, stylish club above the ever popular Red Carpet Champagnebar in Seminyak. We spoke to the team and got some comments from manager John about the new venue and what it’s all about.
So John, in a hundred words what’s Late club all about?
Late was started because we, our guests and friends were missing a place to dance with proper music, where artists sing, there’s a beginning and an end to the song, it’s recognizable, and not boom boom boom. We wanted a place where you get good service, cold towels, great waitresses, canapés, free water and good honest alcohol. Late has a great sound system and you feel protected from mafia-like security, dodgy bar staff, with valet parking and so on. So we created this magic wonderland that’s 100% modern but reminds you of the vintage clubs in Paris and Berlin.
So what kind of people is Late for?
Civilised people from 25 years plus that want to dance to great music, and feel happy and safe in a fun place with like-minded people.

Is the club an extension of the very popular Red Carpet and its crowd?
The ‘Red Carpet Champagnebar’s guests were asking for a new late night spot with a higher service level. And they kept asking us because they knew that we are one of the few institutions that has been giving service and quality for so many years. It’s in our DNA. Also in the ‘Red Carpet Late’ we do our best to make you feel like a star. Red Carpet was voted best new comer and Best Bar in Bali in 2017 because our team is really on it every day. Most other places cost millions but they forget that it’s the guest that has to be happy.

Tell me about the design of the venue. You were saying how it’s totally soundproof. And take us for a walk around the place. What are some of the highlights design-wise?
First thing you notice when you enter Late is the fact that you can oversee the whole space from wherever you’re seated. The dance floor with ‘Saturday Night Fever’ lights in the floor and its signature huge mirror ball with light from inside and out. The unique iron designed deco tables to sit at while you drink and chat. The computer controlled light system, which allows us to control every lamp in the club from our telephones. The custom built sound system with drivers from Finland and digital amplifiers from England, so you can still have a conversation without shouting. Our pole dance pole where every night we find girls swinging around. We have a stage, where we organize shows and every Thursday we do a Magician show. We created booths where you can sit with up to 14 people, so you have privacy, but still part of the fun. No fabrics used (except in the maid’s uniforms of our beautiful waitresses), cushions are real leather and curtains are bronze. Then over in the two bars, we have the biggest collection of wine and champagne in Asia.
The whole club is built following the ‘Box in a Box’ principle. No screw or drill has been used to make it, just glue and rubber. The club can actually move independently from the main building. That’s why we can play the beats till late and still be friends with our neighbours. Also it’s one of the few places that’s open seven days a week. This is Bali!! Every day there are people wanting to dance. When you are on holiday there is no such thing as Monday, it’s Saturday every night!

Saturday night seven nights a week! I must admit, Late has a very stylish decor. I especially like the cozy and comfortable booths with their chain curtains. How about the drinks, anything new on offer?
Drinks are all made from good quality alcohol, most spirits and wines are imported and served with personal coolers. The decor is inspired by the 1920’s Moulin Rouge in Paris but also by 1001 Nights with thousands of rubies and other jewels. Totally over the top, but we wanted you to get a smile on your face when entering the club.
What’s the capacity of Late? Is there a cover charge and what are the opening hours?
We can fit in around 175 people. To have a little bit of selection at the door, and to avoid guests using our facilities, towels, snacks, water and so on without ordering, we now ask them to buy a drink voucher of Rp100k at the door that they can use in the club.
Are you having any events in the near future?
We’ll be starting with ‘Hospitality Mondays’ where everyone working in hotels or F&B can get a 20% discount and we’ll also be having live music. Every Thursday we are doing a Magic show on stage. They start around 12 midnight.


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