PNNY is a Bali-based DJ collective that have been making massive waves in the local music scene overthe past couple of years. They hold the fort at Pablo’s and stay busy with weekly residencies at Luigi’s, The Lawn, La Brisa and Vault to name a few, as well as regularly featuring on some of the best line ups this island has to offer. We caught up with Gilang aka @todaysrenaissance for an insight in to what makes PNNY tick and what’s to come.

What have PNNY been up to in 2019 and what are some of the biggest gigs you’ve had so far?
We have been trying to keep things moving, trying to make sure Trigan gets off Apex Legends haha. We’re planning a little PNNY Europe tour this summer so a lot of our energy is going towards that at the moment. We’ve got Renate in Berlin and Garbicz Festival in Poland as well as a few gigs in Amsterdam and Paris lined up. We’re super excited and feeling super blessed to be heading over there.
Our biggest gigs are always when we all play together, nothing better than a PNNY fam get together. We’ve also had Tera Koraa and FS Green grace us at Pablos. We’ve had some exciting headliners join us at our PNNY x Basement Love events this year including; ATA, Perel, Peak and Swift, Cinthie, Massimiliano, DJ Seinfeld to just name a few.

PNNY took over Pablos in Canggu in 2018. What nights should people come and what kind of music can they expect?
Yep! We joined forces with The Boogaloo, it’s been fun! Our main nights are Rumble In The Jungle, our hip hop night on Wednesdays and Arcade on Friday which is a more disco and house vibe. But we also have a quiz night every Tuesday and Taco Thursday which is 15k tacos and beer all night long.

Have you got any newcomers to your collective?
Man, the collective has grown heaps since we first started. We started off with myself, Dubwill, Alex Verdacchi, Trigan Young and Arfi as our manager. In 2016 we hooked up with our bro bear Andy Chunes, then Theo Radennata in 2017. In early 2018 our young gun Kiran joined along with Equal Who. Each one of these boys play such a vital part in forming PNNY’s identity and its each of them that has allowed us to form such a solid crew.

Musically speaking, what do PNNY stand for? Can you give us a few tracks that encapsulate the PNNY sound?
Ha, that’s both the hardest and the easiest question. It’s hard because we don’t really have one color that we do in terms of music. But it’s easy because apart from it being all over the place you know exactly what kind of vibe you’re going to get when you come to our parties. It’s that vibe and that energy that makes us so unique across the board. A couple of tracks that have come around a lot lately are:
Holiday by Madona
Only you by Steve Monite
Montreal By Benjamin Damage
Lots of edits by Fs Green, Jaël, Jarreau Vandal and heaps more, the list goes on.

What kind of events have you got planned for the near future?
We have plenty going on right now, the newest one would be our collaboration night with Basement Love at La Brisa.
We are also launching our newest HipHop night, Jungle Boogie every Wednesday at the new club Vault in Berawa.
And a few more exciting things, stay posted!

What do you think about the scene in Canggu these days? What are some weekly parties people should look out for?
I think Bali in general as a scene starting from late last year has been super strong. I think last week we had six or seven huge international artists in one week. I think that all of the music heads, collectives and clubs should be very proud of what we have been achieving as a whole, music wise.
I mean, I started DJing because I hated the music scene here and now I find it hard not to go out and party all the time.
Hmm what parties they should look out for, alright promotion time haha

Luigis – Metto Monday
Pablos – Rumble in the Jungle on Wednesday
Jungle boogie at Vault Wednesday
3rd Base Luigis every Thursdays
Pablos Arcade Fridays
Orange Soda every second Saturday at Vault
Basement Love x PNNY at La Brisa every other Saturday
Secret Sundays at The Lawn

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