My Bikini Girls Go Surfing Day

Sun’s out, Girls out… Friday 21st September was pretty special for all of us girls who took part in the My Bikini Girls Go Surfing day event by Rip Curl at Padang Padang beach, not only did we get to surf in perfect wave conditions on a fine sunny day – we also got to paddle out alongside some of the world’s best surfers such as Nikki Van Dijk, Bethany Hamilton, Alana Blanchard and the entire Rip Curl Junior women’s team: Diah Rahayu (Bali), Kirra-Belle Olsson (Aus), Kobie Enright (Aus), Molly Picklum (Aus), Leah Thompson (USA), Alyssa Spencer (USA), Brisa Hennessy (Haw), Leilani McGonagle (Costa Rica) and Ella Williams (NZ).

The event included a meet and greet, including photo signings, open to the public on Thursday 4pm at the newly opened Rip Curl Shop Padang Padang where hundreds came to see their surf Idols. More than 60 girls from all different surf levels joined the epic Girls Go Surfing Day’s main event on Friday where girls were divided in three groups to take turns paddling out and have the Pros not only guided them through the basics of surfing but also push them onto the waves. Surf booties, helmets and surfboards as well as refreshments were provided for all participants at the event that started at 8am.

While surfing is usually preferred with less to no crowds, this session with a big crowd of girls was magical to say the least, especially the final session where 15 of us selected to go for a final paddle with the whole Rip Curl team – having Nikki cheering for you while you ride a wave and party waving with the surf icon Bethany Hamilton and Alana Blanchard was a next level stoked moment for all of us. Some of the young girls even got to tandem surf with their idols, while others as young as six years old were impressively ripping with lots of smiles. Once in awhile one of us shouted “It’s the best surf ever!” Tandem surfing has never been so fun!

Surfing with the Rip Curl team represented more than just Girls Go Surfing, it was a celebration of surfing with the rad bunch of girls who are passionate about the sport and have a big love for the ocean. Most importantly, the event inspired us to surf better and have fun doing it and the young ones who want to go Pro one day will hopefully be inspired to go for their dreams. This was such an amazing surf event which we all look forward to do again!
By : Nineth Rachma


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