Ku De Ta High Season & white party

The Beat speaks with Arshad Rizvi about the High Season at Ku De Ta.
Arshad Rizvi has been the main man behind the Ku De Ta high season shows for the past two years and is set to blow our minds again this year as we close in on High Season Bali 2018 and the annual Ku De Ta summer parties. They are some of the most anticipated parties of the season on the island and not to be missed. Arshad has held the position of the music & events director for Ku De Ta since March 2016 and is the man to ask this question….

What can we expect at Ku De Ta for the High Season and in particular, the White Party this year?
Arshad: Well, High Season has been in full swing already. This high season we have invited a line-up of international artist during our sunset sessions each Friday and Sunday from 4.30 pm onwards. As Ku De Ta has had a significant music signature for almost two decades, we book our artists accordingly; the artists have appeared on the KDT CD compilation, we broadcast their tracks during our weekly radio show on 98.5 FM The Beat Radio Plus and our resident DJs have their tracks in their collection. Therefore these artists are indirectly part of our brand. For this high season we have invited Ray Mang (GBR), Sould Out (MEX), Art of Tones (FRA), Faze Action (GBR), Ron Basejam from Crazy P (GBR), LTJ Experience (ITA), the Sunchasers (SIN), Du Tonc (GBR) and Fred Everything (CAN). We offer a stellar sunset line up for 2018 high season with artists that actually are making their first-time appearance in Bali. And not to forget our KDT residents, who have been on the roster for many years now.

Well the Day Party was on last week and you once again nailed it, what can we expect next weekend with the White Party?
You can expect that Erick Morillo is our main headliner for the evening. And also the upcoming Dutch talent Ferreck Dawn on the decks. KDT Resident Glynn Tandy will have the warming up duties. I must admit, that it becomes a challenge each year to find and book artists that have a high reputation, haven’t visited the island before and above all …are available. With many venues opening in the area and the European/US high season for festivals happening at the same time, we are being challenged to stay unique in our artist selection. However, due to last year’s White Party and Resistance (Ultra), we are now able to raise our bars a bit higher Therefore I reached out to Erick’s management at an early stage. Entertainment and decoration-wise, we will combine the Rococo era with the New Romantics culture. I will not reveal much, as I suggest to attend the event and experience it yourself. And as I mentioned before, we’ve raised our bars. Surprise, surprise
What time should people get there, what should they wear and where do they get tickets?
Dress up in white extravagance with a splash of purple rain. Be flamboyantly eccentric or unleash your inner romantic rebel. Let the glow of neon guide you through this classical time.
Tickets Presale – IDR850K
General Admission – IDR950K
Supper Club – 2.1 mil
Tickets can be purchased online
www.kudeta.com or at the venue
VIP Packages: vip@kudeta.com

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