Killer Deals in Kerobokan

Some tasty local spots you need to know! (JD)

A cozy restaurant/warung serving genuine and cheap home-cooked deliciousness on Merta Agung. Aroma is popular amongst westerners and locals alike, known for its cleanliness and popular options like the creamy lemon chicken, potato gratin and ayam lalapan. Aroma is the kind of place you wish you had next door, with fresh Euro-centric pilih- pilih style (make your plate) options every day and a solid ala carte menu with Indonesian and lots of French fare, all in front of a beautiful rice field view! Expect to pay under 100k with a coffee or a juice. The only negative… its addicting!

Warung Little Manila
Bali’s newest unique addition to an already vast culinary spectrum comes in the form of Warung Little Manila on Jalan Raya Semer No. 40B. Filipino delicacies are a rare find anywhere – making this little spot all the more special. Expect to find the archipelago’s national dish “Chicken and Pork Adobo” – meat marinated in soy sauce, vinegar bay leaves alongside steaming white rice. Another favorite, “Bicol Express” includes chicken or pork slow-cooked in coconut cream with green and red chilies. Vegetarian options are available, with a Filipino curry and bok choy. Top any meal with “Halo-Halo”, a colourful and fun mixed ice dessert found in street-side stalls in the Philippines or their silky Leche Flan!

Warung Cabe Cabean
A late night, very local spot on Jl Kerobokan, just after the Umalas turn off, that will send you into the next dimension with their Indonesian tastes. This bad boy is open 24-hours and is on the list for its truly authentic and varied options to choose from. Translating to warung chili-chili, you can expect this spot to bring the goods in the sambal department, specializing in sambal pete, terasi and teri. One portion of food will range between 15 to 30k, depending if you want a mega portion or not. If you’re ever in the need of after-party food Cabe Cabean is a great choice!

Xich Lo
We mentioned Xich Lo in our Canggu edition but here is another tribute to one of Bali’s best cheap Vietnamese restaurants in Kerobokan, in amidst the rice fields at the top of Marta Agung, the mother restaurant – Xich Lo in Kerobokan. If you are looking for tasty and authentic, this is it. Arguably the best Pho for under 50k, not to mention other Vietnamese favorites like the Bun Thit Nuong, Beef Luc Lac and Bahn Mi’s all for around the 40 – 50k mark! A personal favorite and highly recommended by Bali residents in the area.

Warung Vika
Vika is a crowd favorite in Kerobokan, serving cheap Indonesian and western options – Warung Vika is a definite hidden gem. Tucked in on Taman Sari in Kerobokan, Vika is open six days a week and pride themselves with top quality ingredients and its obvious the food is made with love, the home-cooked style and happy staff make you feel right at home with super tasty options served fresh every day. The options are varied and change daily, featuring western like quiches, pasta and mac n cheese and loads of tasty Indonesian favorites to pair with. Make sure to come hungry as the portions are massive! Vika is a solid warung in the heart of Kerobokan.


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