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In just a few short years, Josh Butler has garnered a solid following within the international house music industry. Since his successful release “Got A Feeling” in 2013, Butler has made his mark as one of the premiere house music talents from the UK. His label ORIGINS RCRDS has seen releases from the likes of Kerri Chandler, Richy Ahmed and Huxley to name a few. 2018 was Josh’s most accomplished year to date, with several appearances at Ibiza’s Amnesia, Privilege and the iconic DC-10 closing party as well as festivals like Nocturnal Wonderland, FNGRS CRSSD and throughout Miami Music Weak. Not to mention his releases Hot Creations, Defected and most recent “System” Ep on 8Bit Records. We spoke with Josh from NZ, where he has been touring the southern summer, before his gig at KU DE TA on April 20 about the past, the present and what’s to come.

Hey Josh! Can you give us a little rundown on how your DJ career began?
I guess it began when I lived in NZ, I bought my first set of decks at age 14/15 and started to DJ at kids parties from school. They all wanted me to play hip-hop which I wasn’t really bothered about but it was the only opportunity to play music I had at the time. I then moved back to the UK when I was 17 and started to make friends in dance music and within the pockets of the scene that I was really interested in.

What are some of your most cherished moments so far as a DJ?
Playing at Glastonbury is certainly up there. I opened the Block 9 Genosys stage on the Thursday and it was absolutely packed, I definitely didn’t expect so many people to be waiting! It’s also amazing for me to now be travelling back to New Zealand, the place where I spent my teenage years, to play the music I love. House music is really taking off over there now.

How about as a producer? Which releases do you feel are the most significant to you and your career?
‘Got A Feeling’ was definitely my first significant release, and it gave me a great platform to build my career from and explore other areas of house music. Working with Kerri Chandler on our track ‘Can’t Deny’ is definitely a personal career highlight, as well as remixing legends such as Carl Cox and Fatboy Slim.

You’re currently on an Australasian tour. How is that going so far? Where have you been playing and has anything changed Down-Under in the music scene since your last trip?
As I hinted at with the NZ scene, things feel really strong on this side of the world right now – house and techno music is such a dominant sound here! The tour itself has been an ideal balance of parties, but also chilling with friends and family as my Dad is still based over in Auckland.

What are some of your favourite clubs/parties to play at on this side of the world?
Electric Rush in Queenstown and also Revolver in Melbourne. Both are very special parties in their own way.

What are your plans for the upcoming summer season?
I’ll be over in Ibiza playing at DC-10 for Paradise, for Black Coffee’s party at Hï Ibiza, plus more dates with Defected and a few more to be announced soon. There’s also some trips to Central Europe, America and Canada for festivals too.

Talk to us about ORIGINS. Do you have any exciting releases coming up?
I have actually just signed a belter of an EP from Seb Zito and I’ve got my mates Audiojack on the remix, I’m 100% dropping this one at the weekend! I’m also thinking of dropping a mini club album of my own tracks at some point later in the year…

And how about your new track The Hydra, what’s that all about?
I wrote ‘The Hydra’ at the Lost Beach Club in Ecuador, I actually ended up staying there for two weeks after having some issues with my US visa renewal last year. For those that don’t know, Lost Beach Club is a beautiful beach club themed around the TV show as the owner is a big fan, as am I. So what better way to spend my time in paradise than making music! The Hydra is one of the ‘stations’ from the TV show.

Do you ever get out and about clubbing anymore or are you just enjoying the scenery from behind the decks?
If I’m playing that night then I will 100% be in the crowd at some point. It’s important for me to experience things from the crowd’s perspective.

How do you keep a healthy balance in the music industry?
That is an ongoing challenge. I try to eat well and stay active, but I also like to have fun and party!

Lastly, can you name a few tracks that you’ll likely play at KU DE TA?
I try to never plan a set too much but I’m pretty sure I will play the Audiojack remix of Seb Zito that I mentioned earlier. I’m also hoping I can drop a couple of classic House tracks too, maybe Chez Damier’s ‘Never Knew Love’ if the vibe feels right… I’ll have to play it by ear and feel out the crowd first. My sets will always depend on set and setting.

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