Celebrating 50 Years Of Rip Curl Madsteez Collection

In celebration of 50 years of surfing, Rip Curl have announced their exciting next release in collaboration with artist Mark Paul Deren aka MadSteez from California. MadSteez is known for his spray paint style – using bright colours and large, sweeping strokes to bring his paintings to life. For the first time in history, Rip Curl have allowed their iconic logo – The Search, the Wetsuit Logo and their corporate logo – to be modified. Giving MadSteez full freedom to truly create something from his heart and it has turned out epic!

The collection features a selection of carefully designed wetsuits, boardshorts and men’s apparel that has been available around the globe since April 15. Mark was chosen to collaborate because of his artistic values and love of surfing. “Before he was an artist, MadSteez was a surfer” says James Taylor, Rip Curl’s Group Creative Director. Mark mentions; “This collaboration is a synergy of my two worlds, painting and art, and I think we have made some really rad stuff.” Rad indeed, the collection incorporates the MadSteez signature spray paint style but keeps the overall Rip Curl aesthetic, bold and bright with that classic surfy feel!

Alongside the MadSteez collection, esteemed writer, Tim Baker has marked the 50 years of Rip Curl with a book commemorating the historic brand. Highlighting the journey of Doug ‘Claw’ Warbrick and Brian Singer as well as all the influence Rip Curl has had on the surfing world. It’s a fantastic read. Check out the MadSteez collection and pick up the limited-edition book at any of their outlets or online!


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