Ana Foxy & The Rose Bali

Ana Foxy is one of the dancers lighting up the floor at The Rose Bali dance shows that have popped up in recent weeks around the island. We spoke to Ana to find out how she got her moves and the confidence on the floor while she leaves the crowd standing in awe. No kidding, Ana is more than hot, she’s the real dancing queen.

So tell me about you and dancing. How did you get started?
I learnt to dance from a very young age. When I was four years old my mum started taking me to the local dance studio and I started to dance from stage to stage.

What do you mean stage to stage?
I had many shows at events since I was young. After my mum took me to the dance studio some event organisers noticed I had some skills and they wanted me to join their events. So from four years old the stage was already part of my life. I was dancing from stage to stage.

And what happened later?
In 2006 I took a break from dancing and moved from Bandung to Bali to further my education, but by 2008 I began to build my career as a dancer again. I can perform belly dancing, fire dancing, contemporary dance, pole dance, sexy dance, wet dance and lately, burlesque dance. The same year I started modelling too.

What does it mean to you being a dancer?
I love to dance which comes from my love of music. I dance to express my feelings. I express joy, sadness, love and hope by singing and dancing.

That’s cool. When did you discover all this about dancing?
When I was a young girl. I was like a mix of an extrovert and melancholic person. I listened to a lot of music which was the start of finding my passion. Dancing.

Extrovert and melancholic sounds like a contradiction.
I do love being in the spot light.

What’s the best thing about being a dancer?
When I dance, I become a different person. Dance gives me a feeling of freedom and when I dance I am at peace with my heart and soul.

What kind of music were you brought up on?
When I was young there was always music playing at home and as I grew up the inspiration from my family developed and my passion for music naturally progressed and I started to express this in the form of dance. Music moves you, literally.

What kind of music were your parents into?
My parents liked to listen to folk songs, they had an eclectic taste. We were four siblings and they also had musical talents but expressed it though playing instruments. Between them they played piano, guitar and flute. And I sang and danced.

Where do you dance nowadays?
I am dancing at The Rose Bali events and lately that has been at Opera. Sometimes I’m dancing in hotels in Nusa Dua and also I have work every week as a bottle girl in Omnia Bali.

So what do you do when not dancing or delivering the bottles at Omnia?
When I’m not dancing or at Omnia I’m usually doing a photo shoot. I prefer to stay at home if not working. Rest or making and fixing my costumes for next show.

And staying out of trouble! So you make your own costumes too? That’s cool.
Yes. Sometimes for my solo show I make my own costumes.

Are there any dancers who have had an influence on you and your dancing?
For pole dancing yes. I have been greatly influenced by Felix Cane who was the winner of pole dance Australia 2006. When I started pole dancing in 2009, she moved so beautifully. And after I studied her, I made my own style and mixed it with other pole dancers’ styles.

How about locally? Has anyone influenced you here?
I adore two of my teachers. In 2008 – 2009 I was working for Step Up agency. We called her Bunda Wiwit. She was amazing. And another teacher called Naomi from Australia. I worked with her in Som Chai and she taught us how to do burlesque dancing. The way she moves is so beautiful and elegant.

What do you like best, the pole dancing, the sexy dancing, the modelling, the burlesque, or the strutting with the girls at Omnia?
Modelling is in first place and second is pole dancing.

And what kind of music do you like?
I like almost all kinds of music. Depending upon the mood. I believe that there is music for every mood, every occasion. I don’t believe that good music can only be found in a certain genre, or certain artists. For me it doesn’t matter who sings it as long as it makes me feel an emotion.

But what do you listen to?
Rock music. I’m in love with Linkin Park songs. Haha.

Ha yeah, we like a bit of rock around here, too. So to finish, what do you think of The Rose Bali and what Mikail is trying to do with that?
For me The Rose Bali is a place to express my creativity which has already been too long kept inside my head. It’s now years since I’ve been dancing in Bali, and felt like I couldn’t find any club or event to express my creativity until I met with Mr. Mikail and joined with The Rose Bali. So Mr. Mikail helps me to make it happen and we talk about different concepts for every event. And I’m so excited about this.

You can catch Ana Foxy’s dance routine at the next show at The Rose Bali at Opera on Friday October 18. Be early, it starts right on 11.30pm and goes through to about 12.30am with some very solid talent involved – probably the best dancing you will see anywhere around town.



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