A Sneaky visit to Mrs Sippy

Miss Connie and Black Angus have been making beautiful music together as Sneaky Sounds System since 2004. A series of singles at first then, in 2006, their self-titled, 3 x platinum debut album. Spearheaded by a spectacular salvo of chart topping hits – UFO, Pictures and I Love It – Sneaky Sound System won ARIA Awards for Breakthrough Artist and Best Dance Release, the first of 14 nominations to-date. Two more albums later and collaborations with some of the biggest acts in music since, we now have them here in Bali and at Mrs Sippy in Seminyak for a three month residency. The Beat had a few words with vivacious vocalist Miss Connie last week about the residency, the summer, the kids and the Bali lifestyle.

Tell me, you are now in Bali and have a three month residency at Mrs Sippy, how did that come about?
We had had a couple of great shows at Mrs Sippy and had just done four seasons in Mykonos so the timing felt right to do something new…We’re here every Saturday July, August and September.

Do you mean the last four summers in Mykonos? So you don’t like winter too much then?
Hahaha, I guess the Sneaky party is never really a winter vibe.

When was the first time you were in Bali?
About 7 years ago for a show.

And how does Bali compare to Mykonos as a place to stay and a place to party?
I find that anywhere near the water with good weather is great for a party atmosphere, especially that magical sunset moment. Mykonos and Bali are both transient places so people come in for a short time and for a good time…hopefully we provide the soundtrack to their memorable moments!

Nightlife and clubbing seem to be changing (here on Bali at least), with more interest in beach clubs than proper nightclubs nowadays. Or maybe just less people going out late-late like they used to. Is that happening everywhere you go right now?
I think that there definitely is a celebration of the outdoors and the freedom that comes with that. Almost a hippy kind of embrace of being outside and comfortable watching sunsets at that magical time when the evening starts and you’ve had a few drinks and you wanna dance under the stars rather than in a club … that part comes later… I think that also stems from the main DJ in a nightclub coming on at 2-3 am.

You have a prolific discography of hits under your belt, is there one track that stands out as your favorite?
It changes all the time. At the moment it’s “We Belong” the new single, of course, because it’s fresh. The Nichols jaar “always by your side” big remix is pretty beautiful.

Is it possible to ask a personal question? Are you and Angus a couple?
Hahaha. Yes it makes for easy touring that’s fo sho !!

Yes, I just saw the kids on Angus’s instagram
Yeah, we move as one.

Nice one. Do they travel with you? I suppose they have school etc.
Yeah, we all go everywhere. They’re not in school yet, which makes things a little easier.

That’s an excellent way to grow up.
Yeah, I think so. Adaptable.

Yes my two children (now adults) grew up in three different countries. Makes them a little more advanced in many ways.
Excellent proof of the theory.

So what are some of the highlights of SSS over the past almost 18 years?
I think highlights for me would include playing the lsle of White Festival, and Glastonbury was amazing too. Hearing your songs on BBC1 radio is always pretty crazy. Having a No.1 on the UK club chart was a great Xmas present last year, and of course recording with Kanye, Beyoncé and Jay Z, and with U2 in the room, was pretty special.

I bet it was. That’s a lot of highlights. You mentioned a new record. I notice there was a new release today. What’s that one about?
It’s about self-belief, self-belonging, it’s a summer banger and it’s called “We Belong”.

Great track, BTW. That seems to be the direction SSS is taking nowadays. Summer house bangers. Any reason for that?
I think in music you can never rest, always moving and try to move forward. This is the landscape we live in. It is also the music we play in a three hour set.

And I imagine it takes a lot of self-belief to get where you guys are now. Have there been moments when you think, damn, that’s enough.
Definitely in the beginning but starting anything takes a lot of self-belief. Mmmm, we have been very lucky for sure. We are still able to do what we love and travel the world. I’d like to think that maybe we could be one of the first to play on Mars when they colonize it.

Lol. Good answer. Where are you staying here BTW? In a fancy villa I imagine.
Oh hahahaha. In Canggu, but it’s not overly fancy, but it feels like home and has some grass, trees and a pool. Now if it had a BBQ, well, heaven would be complete.

And how have the shows at Mrs Sippy been going? I suppose the Scorpio Mykonos gigs gave you some good practice for that.
Hahaha yeah, they did. It’s been fantastic. Such a giddy, hedonistic vibe, with beautiful girls, swagger boys dancing. We might just extend the season!

What are you all doing in your down time, checking the sites? Writing some music?
Yeah absolutely, no rest for the wicked in the music business, so we definitely are writing tunes and that’s the beauty of modern technology, all you need is a mic and a computer to get the idea down. That or a mobile phone recorder.

Do you get a chance to enjoy Bali? I suppose there will be a Bali influenced track coming soon.
I like the pace. I like the sense of gratitude for the smallest things. The open arm acceptance of everyone and everything. And the weather is pretty deeeelightful.

Top three places you enjoy hanging out in Bali?
Mrs Sippy

You can catch Sneaky Sounds System at Mrs Sippy every Saturday from 5pm. [Trauts]


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