Mind Against | Saturday June 04

Jenja | Saturday June 04
Mind Against is an Italian born but Berlin based partnership between Alex Fognini and Federico Fognini. The pair of techno masterminds founded this union in 2011 and have stunned crowds by the ton. By 2012 the boys had already got their name out into the world and were being heavily scouted by record labels and such. Their electronic grooves can be described as a combination of IDM, house and techno and are bound to make you shake it on the D-floor.
Techno, tech-house, IDM (intelligent dance music)
Where you might have heard them
Mind Against first got the ball rolling with three legendary releases on Life and Death. Their debut “Atlant”, the follow up “Avalon” and the latter “Strange Days” went on to give them the push that they needed from the very start. All three are worth a listen. The duo are the perfect cliché of a musical artist that is “hard to pin down” referring to the genre. Instead their sound can be defined as hints of the psychedelic hooks of the 1980’s and dance floor antics of European imperative techno parties.
Notable tracks
In 2012 they released their banger “Cagliostro” on label Life and Death. Later in 2015 came a celebratory occasion marked by a collaboration with Belgian producer Locked Groove, tracks like “Elysium” and “Pulsar” released on Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings. The boys later went onto remixing great artists like WhoMadeWho, Amongst Others, Art Department, Róisín Murphy, Green Velvet which were signed on record labels like Kompakt, Cocoon, Vakant and aforementioned Life and Death.
Why see them
Mind Against are your classic techno sounding act, hailing out of the world’s most loved German party scene. What more is there to say than this. If you enjoy partying till dawn and are in need of that deep funky bassline under a bed of crisp percussions this is the show for you. Catch them at Jenja on June 4.


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