Matthias Meyer | Friday July 8

Jenja | Friday July 8
Matthias Meyer is a German DJ and producer. As a young music lover, the tech sounds of Detroit and Chicago spoke to him, and it encouraged him to seek the limelight of nearby Hamburg’s diverse club scene. From here, he let music take control, actively promoting this newfound scene in his local town of Lunenburg with the Sfunkt DJ collective. This opportunity then steered him to bigger and better venues in Germany, leading him to more and more acclaim.
House, techno, tech-house
Where you might have heard him
The Hamburg-based artist has been a resident at Berlin’s Watergate for the past two years. He became a familiar face at the club long before that as he has been playing regularly at the venue since 2010. Besides this famed club, he has also played in array of places, starting with Europe at hot spots like Amsterdam’s Studio 80 and London’s Area, to Asia at Singapore’s Kyo. His festival portfolio includes Because We are Friends Festival, Mango Musik Festival and Melt! Festival.
Notable tracks
In 2006, he released his debut track titled “Reichenbach”. A tough and powerful, big-room bomb, this track summed up his broad mixture of influences, including Detroit’s technical wizardry and the musicality of Germany’s fresh faced electronic movement. Two years later, he produced “Tout Va Bien” which received huge support and brought his name even more into the light. The same year, he also collaborated with his long-time friend Patlac, creating another huge club hit titled “Skipper”. He came up with his Watergate 20 EP recently, seeing him stringing together 19 house tracks. The EP includes “Uluwatu” (wonder what place inspired that?) and “LA Strings” to name a few.
Why see him
Matthias doesn’t need to play pop hits to get the dance floor recognition. Instead, he can spin a long tale of rolling grooves and capture the dancers through his evolving, emotive musical story. See him live at Jenja on July 8.

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