DJ Story #8: Funktastic Maick | Spain

Hi Maick, when did you become a Bali resident DJ?
In 2012.

Tell us your background in music.
Music was my first love. Always surprised and curious about how different songs could make you feel. I grew up with the influences of my big sister’s music collection. Soul II Soul, The Police, Sade .. Later I met hip-hop, something different and new, but putting together many elements of the music that I heard before. Living in Canary Islands you got lots of influences specially from UK, so I was also starting to play Acid House, Rave, Jungle. At one point I started digging in the crates to discover all those classics they used as samples, realizing that what I liked most was the original songs, and what caught my attention was Funk, Disco & Groove .. I always just wanted to share the music that I liked so I became a DJ. Starting at friends’ birthdays or NYE house parties .. At 15 yrs old I was resident DJ at Matinée (Pacha Tenerife), and from there DJ’ing is all that I’ve been doing, together with radio shows, TV, and organizing my own events to promote and sharing The Music.

Favourite styles to spin?
I love to play all kind of classics but what I find the most challenging/fun is to play open format. Playing just one genre limits you and becomes boring. With open format you don’t have limits. Many times someone requests a completely different song of what I’m spinning, then, I ask myself, how I can go to that song now. It’s challenging and makes my heart smile with joy.

Current Bali residencies
I play exclusively for LYD Bali Group. Mainly La Favela, and supporting La Plancha, La Laguna, La Brisa. And Attika, the new house room on the third floor of La Favela.

(complete the sentence) .. “I love to play in Bali because ….”
I think that Bali has one of the most interesting and diverse crowds and dance floors. People sharing that great vibe of “I’m on holidays”, or “I’m in this magical island of Bali” .. and the music just makes it better.

Thank you Maick, see you around the island. Where can we follow you?


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