DJ Story #12: Shammui | Singapore

Hi Shammui, when did you become a Bali resident DJ?
Since 2012

Tell us your background in music.
I was always into trance music before I actually started DJ’ing, the influence of Sasha, John Digweed etc. I got triggered to the sound of drums/percussions in tribal house. Then I moved to Bali and experienced massive music direction changes. The music culture here educated and expanded my knowledge. I actually found my real self in beautiful uplifting melody that tells a story and takes me on a journey to the beats of deep house & techno.

Favourite styles to spin?
I don’t have a specific style as I find myself versatile, while at the same time keeping the same sound and direction. To make it more interesting I always mix different genres in my sets, for example deep house, melodic techno, afro house, progressive … and reading the crowd taking them on a musical journey.

Current Bali residencies
Red Ruby, 707 Beach, Rock Bar, Ibiza in Bali, Vault, Who’s Your Daddy, Attika, Finns.

(complete the sentence) .. “I love to play in Bali because ….”
Because of the multi-national culture, accepting and understanding all the different styles/genres of quality music that is introduced and shared by the DJs from all over the world. Best part though the DJs here have their own different styles or directions, most of us are supportive towards each other and respect what each other is achieving. In short the music culture here is amazing!

Thank you Shammui, see you around the island. Where can we follow you?

Curated by Tony Montana

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