98.5 FM House Party | Friday June 24

La Sal | Friday June 24
Next Friday’s 98.5FM House Party at La Sal features two of the best selectors around Bali today, DJ Mamsa and DJ Pyrope. Here’s more about them…
DJ Mamsa is quite the phenomenon in Bali dance music circles. After running his father’s radio station, 98.5FM, back in the early 2000s, which at that time was a rock music station, he disappeared for a couple of years to Perth to study electronic music engineering. You could call it his time of introspection. He came back as a fully-fledged dance music believer. The radio waves had been silent during his absence and suddenly came back to life around 2006 playing juicy, underground sets from progressive to the beginnings of deep. Not ever giving too much away, Mamsa answers when asked about the genre of music he likes to spin, ‘chilled’ or recently ‘underground’ but generally ‘electronic music’. He’s always an interviewer’s nightmare but as The Rep on The Bali Beats Radio Show says he lets his music do the talking. Which is exactly right. Personally we’ve seen his music at work back in Living Room circa 2006 on, Mint from 2011, and recently at Jenja on most Friday nights spinning his underground magic on the decks. There’s something about it that connects with people that enjoy a swaying, chilled journey through the night, not just a moment’s self-gratification raising your hand in the air every three minutes (of which dance music has now become for so many) – we call it at 98.5FM intelligent adult music. Mamsa starts the show at La Sal from 10pm sharp.
Secret Affair
DJ Pyrope or Hugster has in contrast been around the island for only a short time. I think I met her the first weekend she was here, at Mint with DJ Niina. It was a rollicking night indeed. Since then she has been a hard working selector, playing in just about every venue around town, no doubt learning every taste and facet that this very diverse town has on the agenda. She now could play anywhere and pull it off. Pyrope is actually a gem, a very hard precious gemstone and DJ Pyrope, who has always been obsessed by gemstones since a kid, told us recently on The Bali Beats Radio Show that her hope is to give people coming to her shows something similar to the properties of this particular gem; a passionate and mesmerizing night, an overdose of fire energy, basically giving people a great time. And that’s exactly what she does with her certain groovy/soulful approach to tech house, techno and progressive house. You can catch her around town in two collaborations, Wunderkinds with DJ Niina, and Mammoth with Ebar and Ben Burgess, but also and mainly on her own banging out her taste of the underground in Jenja, Koh, Mint or Republik 45. You can catch her from 12 midnight at La Sal as part of the 98.5FM House Party Friday June 24.


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